The state of the world and social media trends in 2022

As every year, Meltwater 2022 is fully dancing and dancing and etat of the media society. This report is based on a collection of more than 3000 marketing and communication professionals in the world. Very well done, the dresse un parfait etat des leux des enjeux et défis pour les professialen de la communication i des reseaux sociaux.

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Croissant of social media in France and in the world

The report is all about the crossroads of social media platforms in the world, with a focus on the situation in France. 40% of polls in 2022 were used by TikTok, the most popular rapids channel on Instagram (32%), LinkedIn (32%) and YouTube (29%).

In France, the TikTok crisis is also at 36%, and B2C has more to offer: a sign of two plans to use the channel in 2022.

Use of social media in B2C and B2B

The media can be found in social media plus the most useful in Europe and the Americas, Facebook (90%), LinkedIn (88%) and Instagram (81%). This last night YouTube posted this year. Further information on the study: LinkedIn is still used in B2B, but also in B2C.

Some changes in this ranking in France are not using Pinterest and the strength of the hexagon compared to the rest of the world. Malgré is a use of Plus and Plus Massive, TikTok is a great addition to the French brands, 10% of French respondents only invest in the restaurant.

Regarding the use of the channel, it states that there are important differences between B2B, B2C and NGOs. In B2B, the most important channels are LinkedIn, Facebook and Instagram. In the B2C sector, Facebook is replacing Instagram and LinkedIn. You côté des ONG, Facebook or Twitter and Instagram.

Objects and KPIs can be found

When it comes to goals for social media actions, the companies involved are generally known for their awareness (82.5%), but also for executing the brand (61.8%) and attracting new customers 48.3%).

The list of KPIs used to measure social media performance, the 3 principles are engagement (78.7%), number of followers (71%) and traffic generated (63.2%). The KPIs are based on the ROI measure as number of leads or number of cases, which are only used by 31.4% and 17.3% of the respondents.

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A very active activity

Lorsqu’on is interested in organizing social media teams in their companies, with much of the work being done internally (65%). 25% of respondents exported less than their share of social media actions to an agency and only 2% of all social media actions.

Parmi les elements les plus externalisés, without a surprise video arrive en tête (54%), devant la management of social ads (40%) and la production of content texte ou image (37%).

expansion budgets

78% of respondents affirmed belonging to their 2022 budget, which lends itself to stable or expanded social media series. The budget of this house can be explained by the content of the content and video content, which is external and coherent. Enough, 27% of the total marketing budget is invested in social media.

In France, some budgets are to be increased (40%) or stable (37%), 4% of respondents go to the expense of less than 2022.

development axes

In this category, the development axes for 2022, the content is the focus of the projections for 67.8% of those surveyed. It makes a lot of sense to have social media strategies that depend on content to be effective. The volunteer will share the number of members of professional interest favors: 46.9% of the total amount spent on followers in 2022. In the commercial plan, generating leads (34.9%) and increasing sales (27.6%) is a priority for the number of marketers and social media professionals.

The suite of reports is written on the place of influence marketing, social selling and employee advocacy in 2022, and the objects of these strategies. A stronger focus on the differences between organic and paid strategies is also available. An excellent opportunity to learn about social media strategies in 2022 and to be able to report on these big trends.

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