the strategic strategy to benefit from the customer’s experience

He knows all customer types in three phases (discovery, consideration and conversion), but he knows you consumer journey ? This scheme of business parks by the consumer with an emphasis on the customer’s experience and loyalty…

le”consumer journey“, What is the difference with the conversion function?

Another type of parking is offered by the McKinsey advisory cabinet called “consumer journey“. This strategic strategy provides a circular representation of the customer lords of your business process or service. Schematize the different interactions consumers have with the brand. These courses begin with lorsque le client constate qu’il a un besoin et qu’il entame des recherches afin de trouver une solution.

Le consumer journey presents an alternative to the basic three-stage conversion funnel: discouraged, pondered, and converted. This type of parking plus loin, car il prend en set of contact points jusqu’ici delaissés comme l’experience after achat et la fidelity. It is also to be understood by the client and praised by the budget. The differences “touch points“Mis à sa disposition permettront d’analyser ses besoins et ses attentes. Cela aidera à developer des canaux plus performants afin d’améliorer son experience en tant que client.

consumption journey

The key to success is help and helpaccompany the consumer to figure out what you want to do long-term. It has a high content adapted to the consumer and a position in the parking lots. It is not absolutely necessary to know the profile of the customers.

First consideration: the prospect of a Besoin

The first phase of consumer journey it is the first consideration. It corresponds to the stage of discovery in the conversion funnel. The consumer can take care of a child. The problem is solving a problem and doing research to find a solution.

Consumers tend to have a range of brands that can learn from the experience of entrepreneurs looking for stories, that’s what makes the notorious”. This consideration is based on the perception of brands and their different points of contact, but this comparison is not recommended. This is the second level of the next level, so you can provide a place for a budget to increase your popularity or position with your favorite brands.

It is not only consistent to generate traffic from the website, social networks and blogs that provide useful information to the consumer. The search engines that represent your brand’s consumer door. Before the visitor engages with your business, the visitor can visit Google or another search engine to find your first search results. It is important to have good visibility and it is always possible to work on social networks. It fails to capture the prospect’s prospect with influential formats.

It is important use payload information to your business and to the fable dont celle-ci peut les aider. The answer to the questions asked is the view. The blog articles, the empty books, the explicit videos are welcome at this stage of the course. The Consumer Plus Plus form answers the forms for additional information and your answer grade to a variety of questions.

Identification of the problem of active evaluation

The active evaluation is identified in the prospect of clarification and number of problems. It is also possible to take into account the information that the aura has given the subject and evaluate what is available. If you keep what you want to do, you can search for additional information. The consumer is proactive. This is the most important thing you can do and “pull” the information you use. The prospects take control and determine what will or will not happen to you.

this stage consumer journey to be able to position themselves as a “leader” and to assemble a consumer that the brand produces as a solution. It is important and necessary that the company seeks the prospective effect of its research. The presence of social media, a four-dimensional blog, the advice of other consumers, the reputation of the Bouche-à-oreille edition, etc. Seront nécessaires afin qu’il comprenne ce que peut lui apporter la marque.

Landing pages play a very important role and offer prospects choice. Not all consumers control your homepage. That is why it is important to follow the internal pages. The consumer should be in contact with one educational and quality content at the moment.

The decision of the decision from the point of view of the agate

Lors de l’achat, the consumer evaluates all the options available to you and you can make a decision and forward the action. I want the brand that responds to my thoughts. This is the conversion phase: the prospect should be a customer of the company.

The forest call to action, free essays, product demonstrations, customer reviews, etc. They are the only ones that need to be employed to get the consumer to go through with the lawsuit. The best giver of good money will give you all the other things that Aura visited. He doesn’t show the value he wants to withdraw.

It is interesting to analyze and understand how to consume a consumer face in a personal information form, in the validation of your bread, in your payment option, etc. It is necessary that the analyzer is able to optimize the experience of a future customer.

Post-sales experience: the key to a customer experience?

Place the companion in the adventure course

customer support after his agate is a crucial moment in consumer journey, and that is the difference between habitat parks. It is necessary to guide the consumer to respond to my surveys. This phase can be distinguished by different forms: a very competent and available service, a satisfaction questionnaire about the customer’s experience, a platform corresponding to articles and videos for which the customer has received answers to questions, etc.

The client will feel sorry for him and he will be able to resolve his shock. This phase of the course has an audible impact on the volunteer to move on to the new action. A satisfied customer is a customer whose avant-garde tendency will revitalize you in the future. Le mot d’order est donc la satisfaction du consumer.

The donc is strongly recommended to personalize the customer relationship. The client feels included and communicates with them using their example. The address of the addressee with the message is more than adapted to its content and content. In a student’s lifestyle and consumption habits, you can anticipate your actions and provide a lasting experience. A new message, the customer’s knowledge is relevant to each stage of the process.

The commentary aims to gain a reputation as bouche-à-oreille

A customer fills the aura of the tendency to share their experience with potential prospects and become a sort of ambassador for your brand. This is a notorious and good reputation for businesses. This is an easy way to do positive things. Le bouche-à-oreille positive Aura, known, a report with the experience to accompany the stage to the previous stage. A park without increasing the likelihood that the brand will be recalled upon initial viewing by potential prospects.

If the support and experience of the client does not allow this conclusion, a bad reputation is created. A company’s reputation is fragile and representatives in a big party on user attention. The brand doesn’t control the fact that it’s on it. To be attentive and to react quickly as soon as I feel sorry for him.

The opening of the park: the fidelity

The trigger to associate the action with submitting the action

le”Deduction”Rest on a declination of marketing actions at a given moment of customer parks in the function of their department. It can be distinguished as a personalized echo of the consumer’s inactivity and a specific time-lapse or promotional adaptation tailored to your sentiment. Cela se fait notamment grace au Marketing Automation. A quality and quality database is essential to realize a trigger marketing effect. You are the last to be invited to a new client.

The Loyalty Loop and this Repart!

The last stage of this park is called “loyalty loop“. This is the opening of the parking lot for the customer. Thanks to the trigger, the consumer returns to the phase of the agate and returns to the phase of the post-agate experience. The entire creation of a bottle in the process.

Understand the courses to improve the customer experience

The decomposition of the individual contact points consumer journey Find out the friction points found by customers. Understanding of the need to adapt your communication skills and develop a sound global strategy.touch points“Optimization and provision for the customer. The content offered is qualitative and educational. customer experience it is becoming increasingly important in a consumer’s businesses. An arousal performance has a positive impact on the brand and consumer perception.

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