“The summer 2022 collection will be made up of 100% recycled fabrics” (Norah Luttway, Noliju)

DNVB – or born on the Internet – created in 2014, Noliju, based in Sophia-Antipolis, immediately understood that digital could not be its only channel of visibility. Because those who say clothing and technical fabrics, moreover, also say the desire to know the texture, the colors “in real life”. This quickly prompted Norah Luttway, its founder and director, to add a physical presence to her presence on the Net, particularly via pop-up stores. The former took up position at Nice Côte d’Azur airport before moving on to Capsule, the DNVB concept of Cap 3000.

Noliju was born digitally, it’s true, but I immediately understood that a physical presence was essential, with customers expressing their desire to see, to try. Quickly, we developed partnerships. And so are the pop-up shops. We have recently installed one in Paris, in the Marais district, in Nantes, in Rennes … It is very important to work on an omnichannel strategy, that is the complementarity between physical and digital. “.

Made in France, required but not always easy to make

Voluntarily positioned on a purely European strategy in terms of procurement, Noliju nevertheless still clashes with the desire to fully rely on Made in France. Because the brakes exist. ” We produce in France and Portugal. From the beginning of Noliju, we have adopted a 100% European strategy, which is an important choice for me: I was the marketing director of ready-to-wear for brands such as Naf Naf or Petit Bateau and we often sourced remotely. When I created my brand, I wanted to get to know my suppliers. We therefore worked on 100% European fabrics and processes. Gradually, I tested workshops in France and Portugal. And I noticed small differences. For example, I cannot produce all the pieces in France, it depends on the type or complexity of the package. During my first Made in France show, one of the clothing workshops recommended a luxury positioning, but Noliju is a brand that remains accessible. Especially since in France we also have a psychological price for sportswear which is quite defined. So one of the brakes can be the cost of making it “.

circular mind

Above all, Noliju differs strongly on the so-called technical fabrics. That is ” breathable, with specific characteristics depending on the sport – elasticized, compressive, seamless – from French or Italian suppliers “. With particular attention to the feel of the product. Fabrics also made with recycled fibers. Last year the French brand, for example, created a one-piece swimsuit from plastic and fishing nets recovered from the Mediterranean. A” circular spirit ” which irrigates the entire new 2022 collection, which is therefore ” 100% recycled fabrics “Announces Norah Luttway.

The presale, a lever to finance and fight textile pollution

Like any innovative company and the business model that accompanies it, financing its development also requires … innovation. We at Noliju have chosen the presale. Initiated a few years ago and distributed during confinement, this appeal to its community has become a specific axis of the strategy. ” This is an approach we started three years ago when we launched the Ultimo trousers, one of the brand’s flagship products. During the birth we launched the one-piece swimsuit and took the opportunity to interview our customers, who admitted that they really enjoyed this marketing method. They really have the impression of supporting the brand, of supporting it in its project », Details Norah Luttway. To the point of redesigning the Noliju site last year to be able to integrate this system without having to resort to specialized platforms to do so.

This is the case, for example, of the new Ideal summer running set, launched at the end of April. A method that has another advantage: that of producing only what is ordered. ” He is virtuous. Because when working with factories, there is a minimum quantity to order. We just don’t necessarily sell what we planned. And it is these excessive stocks that generate textile pollution “.

When you are a DNVB, it is necessarily the whole world that becomes a potential customer. But that doesn’t mean not implementing a dedicated strategy. The International, we’re working on it “Which means relying on agents abroad. Among the countries targeted and signed, Germany, Ireland and Spain.

Obviously, in the middle and above all in support of the entire strategy, social networks are the essential means to make Noliju visible and also interactive. “It is our preferred means of communication. We are present on all social networks, but the privileged networks are Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn, LinkedIn in particular because our target is active, dynamic women, entrepreneurs … Social networks are important because it is precisely the Noliju community that was created over time and this is where we interact with it “.

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