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Note on the status of anonymous visitors who have occupied your LinkedIn profile? Without any traces, these curve profiles are different from the description and you can choose from the premium version.

In fact, the Community Manager is passionate about digital marketing, being a great source of positive image of oneself in social media professions. If you don’t have “Personal Branding”, you will find a very simple and efficient way to do e-reputation.

Eh oui, ssinscrire on LinkedIn ne suffit plus, il faut que vous soyez constamment present sur ce réseau social afin de trouver une nouvelle opportunité. Do you comment more on the rhythm and you don’t reach the level of content impact and consequences for your audience?

Discover Shield, an excellent tool to measure your LinkedIn profile and boost your notorious professionalism!


shield presentation

Shield is presented as a simplified version of Google Analytics more customized specifically for LinkedIn. If you have a lot of people or people who want to be an influencer on a specific domain, it’s time to join this platform for free.

Tout ce que vous aurez à faire, c’est de Create a new account on Shield with your LinkedIn profile. You can choose the statistics that affect the real time. This application is currently available in English version and offers me the following features to optimize your e-reputation:

  • Real Time Reporting
  • Aperçu global de tous vos contenus
  • Viewer Statistics
  • branded content
  • profile and network
  • interaction by mail
  • Multiple accounts for collaborating companies

That’s a good thing all over the world…

Why accept a shield?

For the matching page:

“Linkedin found more than one piece of content related to its activity, the founder of personal branding is also likely to have a good reputation on the internet.

This is the difference between other social media topics and Facebook executives on Twitter. A professional identity found on the internet can open the doors for you.

From the point of view of your visibility and your credibility, you will be able to meet different groups. Ainsi, vous allez pouvoir rejoindre une communauté partageant les memes idées enparties à des conversations, en pouvant thunder des conseils et des avis, ou alors prendre simplement des idées. »

Why accept a shield?

If you like more, discover a set of 3 good shields from Shield:

  • A platform equipped to influence and guide world leaders

Shield se positionne comme étant un excellent moyen for se documenter and enforcer votre presence on LinkedIn. To do this, work in the backup plan in the But collector of essential data to optimize your LinkedIn reputation. Ainsi, vous n’aurez plus qu’à vous focuses on the creation of the original content, l’interaction avec votre audience i la Creation de votre marque.

  • Compiler ability all stats in a single board table

Thanks to Shield Analytics you have the opportunity to get access to all post statistics, the development of your network, the profile of the profile. .

  • 10 days off

C’est la moindre des chooses et pourtant, cela pourrait vous influenr à votre prize de décision finale, c’est-à-dire avant de vou subscribe to the payante version. And who is a simple user without too much ambition? Discover the answer without being there…

For the sake of simplicity, Shield is adapted to all profile types. And lovers, this is one of the places to buy the Mounir Digital compilation « LinkedIn keywords to consider for 2019 »

By becoming a professional or an expert in your field, you can enhance your professional profile to make it as attractive as possible. You coup, sachez qu’il existe plusieurs subscriptions to accept suivant votre besoin. For example, if you are a specific person, the plan is solely to complement you.

Out of revenge, I recommend the option “Plus” Yes “Professional” for companies or agencies. Why? All complement Auto cela permet de travailler en mode collaboratif. You must also generate these options.

Chiffres-cles Linkedin 2019

Assess the theory, passions in a small study session.

First of all on Shield

To annotate this application follow the guide:

  • Connect to the official Shield website
  • Click on “Try for free”
  • Choose the plan you want: Solo, Plus, or Pro
  • Replicate the registration form
  • Click on “Register”
  • Confirm your subscription by email
  • Obtenez vos identifiants, mot de passe et licenses dans votre boat de reception
  • Install the Google Chrome extension
  • Add your license in the extension
  • Connect to your account using your LinkedIn account
  • Confirm your account and accept the terms of use
  • Click here to go to Shield Analytics

Once these stages are complete, you can go to your dashboard. I recommend you to be able to follow the steps you need to follow Analytics instructions, you don’t have to accept your Shield account.

First of all on Shield

I for one love the plan “Solo”. Ensuite j’ai personalnalisé l’aperçu de mes statistiques depuis le debut de cette année jusqu’au mois de decembre.

The results are not satisfactory, but the content of the rules is unregulated. It’s okay to see those moments of inactivity on my LinkedIn profile. However, I am sure that the statistics are more than satisfactory and that I have the time to be regularly active on this social network.

You can also watch this small video of the Shield presentation and save it alongside this application.

In summary, Shield is positioned as the ultimate user for veil effects and analyzes your LinkedIn performance. In fact, you are not very active on this social network, your statistics are very important.

But you can apply to be present and share the links of interest on LinkedIn, these are the only ones that are essential. You want to learn the goodies and best practices in your audience’s interactions.

CM Analysts

What would you like to use to measure your awareness on LinkedIn?

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