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Social networks today offer a myriad of features for advertising. This is the case with Twitter, which makes Twitter ads available to companies. This advertising network allows you to design sponsored and targeted content to improve its visibility and find new perspectives. To get the most out of this tool, you need to be interested and understand the different options it offers. We also recommend reading our article on 5 professional tips for creating Twitter ads.

Complete guide to advertising with Twitter ads

Before launching a Twitter campaign, it is important to know the specifics of the Twitter advertising network. Focus on the different features available to build your reputation and reach new audiences.

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What kind of advertising to choose on Twitter?

Twitter Ads offer three types of advertisements. Each has different characteristics and aims to achieve specific goals.

Promoted Tweets

Sponsored tweets are similar to classic tweets, except that the advertiser pays for their content to appear in the news feed (or timeline) of Internet users who do not follow it. They are offered to users based on their preferences. These tweets come with the basic functionality, namely retweets, likes and comments. They are accompanied by a mention “Sponsored”.

Twitter ads in the form of sponsored tweets are useful for expanding your target audience and improving your visibility. Keep in mind that they only appear a certain number of times on the accounts of the targeted tweeters to avoid flooding them with advertisements and scaring them off the social platform.

screenshot of a sponsored tweet

Sponsored tweet example. Image: screenshot / Century Digital.

sponsored accounts

Sponsored accounts allow you to promote your Twitter account to targeted users who don’t yet follow a brand, but who might be interested in what it has to offer. Like sponsored tweets, they are labeled “Sponsored”. This type of Twitter ad allows you to find new potential customers and build your notoriety.

screenshot of the sponsored Twitter account

Sponsored accounts appear in the Suggested Accounts to Follow box in a user’s profile. Image: screenshot / Century Digital.

Sponsored Trends

On Twitter, trends are the topics tweeters talk about the most on the social network. On the desktop, they appear to the right of the newsfeed. On mobile devices, they are located on the Explore tab. Sponsored Trends allow you to put one of these themes or hashtags at the top of the trend list.

When the brand draws a sponsored trend, Internet users click on it to access a list of tweets related to the theme. These are natural results. This is a way to naturally increase its visibility and improve the reach of its social media campaigns.

trending screenshots on sponsored Twitter

Sponsored trends integrate with other trends. Image: screenshot / Century Digital.

Steps to post ads on Twitter

Twitter ads can be an effective tool for achieving lead growth and sales development goals. To achieve this, however, a few key steps need to be followed.

Setting up your Twitter Ads account

To start using the social network’s ads manager, you need to set up your Twitter Ads account. To do this, you must first link your company’s or brand’s Twitter account. It needs to be optimized with a profile photo, URL or even a bio. If it has just been created, you will have to wait a few days before accessing the advertising tool. You must then enter your time zone and click “Get started”. It literally takes just a few clicks. You can then start designing your advertising campaign to implement your web marketing strategy.

By choosing your goal

Like on Instagram, the first factor to determine is the goal of its Twitter ad campaign. This is what determines the types of commitments and actions that will be billed. The social network offers several:

  • Fameso that as many users as possible see your sponsored tweet;
  • Conversionso that any Internet user who has already downloaded their application reopens it and uses it;
  • Sponsored video viewswhen you want to improve its visibility;
  • Streaming video viewsso that your video is broadcast at the beginning of the Twitter partner content;
  • Installing an appto increase the download speed;
  • Traffic on your websiteto encourage Internet users to visit your site and take action;
  • I committo optimize the engagement rate of your sponsored tweets,
  • Subscribersin order to broaden their Twitter audience.

Set up your ad group and bid

Twitter’s advertising system is built like a pyramid. A campaign contains several ad groups. We then define the allocated budget, targeting, their distribution time and their positioning. Note that you can target multiple audiences for the same campaign.

On Twitter ads, you need to indicate the amount you are willing to spend on each interaction. This can be the engagement, the number of clicks, or the number of views on a video. You can independently manage auctions or automate them. The social network will then take care of defining the fairest and lowest price that will allow for good results.

Choose where to place your ad

Once you’ve finished this step, it’s time to choose the location of your advertisement. It can appear in the history of targeted users, on profiles and in replies to tweets or in search results.

Target your audience

Twitter Ads come with a powerful targeting feature. This allows you to choose the most appropriate audience. The first step is to determine the demographics of the target users. It is about gender, age, geographic area and language spoken.

It is therefore necessary to specify the characteristics of its audience. The Twitter advertising network offers the ability to target Internet users based on the themes, events, films and series that interest them. It is also possible to do this based on the keywords they use or search for. An audience expansion feature is now available to attract users with similarities to its target audience.

To help us see more clearly, the interface reveals an estimate of the number of target users. It is updated in real time based on the options chosen.

Campaign launch

Finally, all elements should be checked to make sure you have not made any mistakes. While it is possible to change some elements once the campaign is launched, simple recklessness can have a considerable impact on your social media marketing strategy. Once everything is ready, start your Twitter ad campaign.

This guide is intended to be a starting point for any independent brand or professional looking to design effective Twitter ads. To do this, however, it might be wise to turn to a web marketing agency.

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