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UTMB Group revolutionizes the world of Trail Running and seduces the Sport Business sector

“Sport has the power to change my life”. This is what 86% of a panel of people from 28 countries answered in an international study conducted in 2020 by Havas in collaboration with Market Probe.

The transformative capacity of sport and its practice is the starting point of the reflection led by the UTMB Group to create a global platform that allows us to reveal the extraordinary that exists in each of us.

Building on the success accumulated in the last 19 years in Chamonix, the UTMB® Mont-Blanc has become the leading event in its discipline, Trail Running, and a true beacon in the world of Outdoor, which counts 29 million participants. in France (source: BVA study).

From the 750 entries in 2003, to the over 30,000 requests in 2019, with now 8 races but only 10,000 places on the starting line, the bibs are stormed to take part in the legendary trail running race alongside protagonists of the discipline such as François. D. ‘Haene and Kilian Jornet, who will return to the field at the UTMB Mont-Blanc in 2022.

In May 2021, UTMB Group therefore decided to join forces with The IRONMAN Group to create the UTMB World Series, the first trail running circuit that brings together 25 major races, thus choosing clarity and a clearer structure of the discipline.

A year later, therefore, it is precisely between Tampa (Florida), the world headquarters of The IRONMAN Group, and its nerve center in Chamonix that the UTMB World Series circuit continues to develop its sporting and economic offer, making the brand with the four letters l one of the most important players in the outdoor sector.

Meet your extraordinary

After 1 year of work, accompanied by the MNSTR agency, UTMB Group repositioned its brand and the promise it wanted to make to all people looking for a transformative experience.

It is now with a pop and modern identity, which breaks the traditional codes of trail running, that the UTMB brand will bring all its communities together. An identity declined in 25 events around the world, since the UTMB World Series circuit offers all fans and runners the opportunity to experience an extraordinary adventure, close to home.

With a calendar that will run throughout the year, across 5 continents, runners can now begin their quest towards the UTMB® World Series finals in Chamonix, where the three main distances of the UTMB Mont-Blanc finals will take place. of the world circuit: the OCC (50K), the CCC (100K) and the UTMB (100M).

Based on these developments, 70,000 runners and more than 150 top-level athletes are expected at the 25 events of 2022, while the first two races of the season brought together 2,500 runners during Istria 100 by UTMB (Croatia) and Canyons Endurance Managed by UTMB (USA).

In these two events, runners achieved sporting prowess such as American Adam Peterman, the new world number 1 according to the UTMB index, who just dethroned Jim Walmsley after his performance in the circuit’s first American race.

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A new digital ecosystem

To support runners in their research, UTMB Group, accompanied by its partner Wide Agency, has developed a digital environment that places runners at the center of the model and accompanies them throughout their experience:

– 1 brand site to discover the whole UTMB® universe digitally: the UTMB World Series program and the presentation of the 25 races, the UTMB Index world ranking, a UTMB Medias space that puts all the assets of UTMB® contents (photos, videos, podcasts, articles), the UTMB Virtual Club to shoot anytime and anywhere, an eShop where you can find all the products derived from the UTMB brand, etc. ;

– A site factory developed for the 25 UTMB World Series events, with a similar structure and fully customizable modules for each of the races (currently being deployed);

– A unique MyUTMB runner space to follow his research, his performance, his UTMB index, his running stones, benefit from personalized advice, etc. (launch in June 2022);

– A unified CRM for the series and the 25 events through a single database for better knowledge of the riders, a relationship, content and more personalized advice;

– An OTT platform to distribute UTMB Live, the live broadcast platform for UTMB World Series events (launch during UTMB Mont-Blanc 2022).

The Sports Business industry has seduced

With the signing of six partners since January 2022, namely HOKA®, Wahoo Fitness®, Dacia, Compressport®, Buff® and CamelBak®, the UTMB World Series was able to convince and seduce the main Outdoor brands, and more.

For these companies, this new UTMB branded circuit is an excellent springboard to express the passion for the outdoors and self-improvement.

A vision shared by Frédéric Lénart, CEO of the UTMB Group:

“The signing of these partnerships clearly shows the enthusiasm generated by the new UTMB World Series project launched in 2021 with The IRONMAN Group.

Together we have built a leading and innovative sports circuit that allows the UTMB brand to shine internationally, but more generally a platform around the UTMB brand that serves as a formidable partnership support for the brands that are in the DNA of the project. .

It is a first year of testing for us, but it shows the potential of the project with excellent contracts and magnificent activations to carry out together on the circuit “.

Matthieu Van Veen, CCO of The IRONMAN Group, explains:

“For over 40 years, the IRONMAN Group has worked to create events that capture the imaginations of people around the world, delivering life-changing running experiences to athletes of all skill levels, from step to finish.

We have seen the rise of Trail Running for many years through the obvious interest of the runners, of course, but also of the brands and organizers, with many results that are particularly inspiring for the community but also extremely exciting prospects for improvement.

It is a popular, accessible sport that gives a lot of positive emotions to everyone who sets foot on the trails.

The UTMB World Series will support this growth and unite communities around common values: self-improvement, solidarity, respect for the environment and authenticity.

Partnering with the industry-leading brand was the obvious choice for the IRONMAN group to continue shaping the future of the discipline.

The adventure has just begun and we can’t wait to continue writing this new chapter together by structuring this global platform that is the UTMB World Series that allows us to unveil the extraordinary that exists in each of us. “

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The brands seduced

Brands that support the project, but also sports professionals who welcome its deployment, highlighted the Sporsora Trophy ceremony held on April 19 in Paris in the presence of hundreds of players from the world of sports in France.

The UTMB Group has indeed won the Trophy for the best marketing strategy for a rights holder.

Frédéric Lénart took the opportunity to underline the quality of the work done so far with his partner The IRONMAN Group:

“This SPORSORA Trophy gives us a particular pleasure, because it comes to encourage the project on which we have been working ardently with the employees and partners of the UTMB Group for more than 18 months.

This magnificent small family company based in Chamonix has made the very ambitious choice to accelerate the international development of the UTMB, one of the most iconic outdoor brands, by collaborating with the world leader in endurance sports: The IRONMAN Group ”.

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