“The wine sector needs versatile profiles, capable of understanding the business as a whole”

Your school is quite new. He has established himself directly on 3 campuses in France. Is it to respond to increasingly interested students or to respond to the market that needs competent graduates in the sector?

“The Magnum Institute has rapidly expanded to the Next-U Education campuses in Lyon, Paris and Bordeaux due to the strong growth of the wine and spirits market and the growing need to revitalize the sector.

For over 10 years, the Next-U Group has demonstrated recognized expertise in digital commerce and marketing. With its experience and its network of partner companies, the school relies on feedback from wine sector offer training that meets the specific needs of this market.

Magnum Institute trains today versatile profiles mastering aspects of commerce, marketing and management mixed with digital skills by basing the knowledge of the product at the center of learning. These profiles stand out today as the essential actors of tomorrow for the achievement of the objectives set by the companies in the sector, both in the national scene Thatinternational. “

Should we really fear competition from China and the United States? How do you prepare your students for this?

“China and the United States have become the main competitors in terms of wine exports, particularly with the production of Napa Valley wines. Demand is diversifying and increasing the appeal of foreign wines. However, these countries also remain very large consumers in terms of volume and value French wines. Furthermore, as part of the Magnum Institute educational program, our students go abroad for 2 months a year (United States, Portugal, South America, etc.) to develop their knowledge of the international market and respond to new competition problems.
This learning, which allows students to detect the codes and specificities of the different markets, is an important resource for their employability “.

THE orientation fair not to be missed

We give you an appointment on Studyrama virtual fair for wine training and professions to find the workout of your dreams!
You will meet experts, professionals and young graduates to discuss your future career. It is also a unique opportunity to discover the many existing professions (oenologist, oenologist, sommelier, cooper, etc.) and to ask your questions during the e-conferences.

What are the professions that will take on the most in the years to come? Those of production or management and sales?

JPEG - 51.5 kb “All of these activities are interrelated, creating real synergy and demand production work they are also driven to innovate like those in sales management. The wine industry recruiters I am now looking for versatile profiles who understand the business as a whole, from production to sales, including marketing strategy. All the major players in the sector must today respond to the new challenges linked to the rise of power of international competition adapting its strategy, especially on the digital side. To do this, the massive recruitment of trained profiles jobs tomorrow turns out to be important “.

How does your school intend to train the professionals of tomorrow?

“The Magnum Institute school trains its students around 3 main pillars essential for today’s professional world:

- an innovative pedagogy that combines theory and practice: courses held by professionals in the sector with a current and concrete vision of the market, group and individual projects rich in learning and visits / tastings in the field. Training is provided on a work-study basis from 3And year to quickly demonstrate significant business experience.

- national and international mobility with a bimonthly cycle per year abroad in countries with a strong educational interest (strong culture of wines and spirits).

- a specialization offered around the digitization of the sector to energize the market and bring strong added value to hiring.

This teaching allows our students to justify a know-how, a know-how ea formidable adaptability together.”

Is eco-responsibility part of your lessons?

“L’eco-responsibility it is essential today for the learning that we offer due to the continuous evolution of environmental standards and the impact of organic wines on the current consumer. The Magnum Institute training offers courses on innovation techniques and sustainable marketing “.

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