The winners of the 2022 Sporora Sports Marketing Trophies

credit: Marry

On Tuesday evening, Sporsora organized the 18th edition of its Sports Marketing Trophies. An evening organized at the Folies Bergère hosted by Anne-Laure Bonnet.

We remind you that the ceremony rewards the actors who have submitted an application (€ 350 excluding VAT) in 5 categories:

  • Sponsor of the year
  • Marketing strategy of a rights owner
  • Activation
  • to boot
  • Responsible engagement (new category)

For this edition, the jury was chaired by Marie-Amélie Le Fur, president of the French Paralympic and Sports Committee (CPSF).



Historical partner of sport in France, Caisse d’Epargne has supported the development of handball and basketball since 2014, two sports that carry its values ​​of cooperation and closeness. Also Premium Partner of the Paris 2024 Olympic and Paralympic Games, Caisse d’Epargne wanted to expand its system by becoming the main partner of a new Olympic discipline, 3 × 3 basketball.


Trail Running is experiencing an unprecedented development. The practice responds to very contemporary social issues: return to nature, personal challenge, better lifestyle. From 722 runners in 2003, the UTMB Group received more than 22,000 UTMB Mont-Blanc entry applications from 106 countries in 2022, despite a complex post-COVID recovery among all organizers and a very challenging qualification point system.

Faced with this unique success, UTMB Group, a major private player in trail running development for 19 years and owner of the discipline’s iconic brand, has decided to launch the world’s largest trail running circuit in 2022. The UTMB World Series was officially presented on May 6, 2021. It is already circuit no. 1 for notoriety, the initiative is acclaimed by all the best athletes and official teams.


Banque Populaire decides to build a project to participate in the Vendée Globe 2020/2021, to illustrate its beliefs on support, learning, self-improvement, entrepreneurship and cooperation. This is why she decides to accompany a young sailor: she is 30 years old, she is a graduate of HEC, she created her own start-up before changing her life for the open sea, she is talented and promising in the water, she is solar. Clarisse Crémer is invited on board this crazy adventure. But she is unknown … How to make her known? How can Banque Populaire benefit from the media from the Clarisse / Vendée Globe project if she has never sailed on this boat? How to stand out?

To achieve the final goal, which is that of Banque Populaire (public customers, SMEs, artisans, merchants, companies, etc.), the strategy aims to use media as a platform and as a visibility tool to maximize the sharing of this story. . Banque Populaire is adopting a 3-step strategy to get powerful in the media during the Vendée Globe 2020/2021. Step 1: Get the character to adhere to it and develop his notoriety. Step 2: maximize their visibility and multiply contacts in the media. Step 3: Share the narrative of his race and history of him around the world. And Banque Populaire’s press relations strategy is a success. Clarisse has made a name for herself, which she inscribes in the history of French sailing and sport. The media evaluation in the period from 25 October 2020 to 28 February 2021 alone amounts to 21.9 million euros.


The ski school sector hasn’t changed in 50 years: booking is often complicated, the quality of customer relations is limited, traditional lessons often have a very academic side. Ski schools are further behind than in other tourist sectors. Ski Family’s goal is to return the vehicles to teams of instructors and schools to make learning to ski more accessible and fun. Ski Family wants to allow small establishments to take the digital turn to do well in an almost monopolistic market. The startup has thus developed the first mobile application for monitoring ski lessons that offers interactions between instructors and their students and facilitates sales-side processes. Ski Family launched the first ski lesson tracking app in January 2020.

Today the brand is present in 6 ski resorts with their own schools and in another 3 as a business provider for third-party schools. With over 20,000 unique users on its site in the 2021/22 season, Ski Family has demonstrated its ability to attract significant qualified traffic, with very low acquisition costs. In the long term, Ski Family intends to develop its tools and know-how in skiing and then implement them in other outdoor sports in Europe.


Aware that there is potentially rich but too little known biodiversity on each of the golf courses in France, FFGolf wanted to give a new dimension to its actions in favor of environmental conservation by extending its partnership with the National History Museum in 2018. Natural (MNHN). This collaboration has created an ambitious and unprecedented approach to club involvement called the Golf for Biodiversity Program. This program is supported by all organizations representing French and international golf. The Golf for Biodiversity Program aims to raise awareness and sensitize the various golf structures to the richness of the natural heritage they host, but also and above all to protect it in the long term. A committed club must have an enlightened vision of the richness of the biodiversity it hosts, but also identify and implement an action plan that allows for its respect, protection and reconquest.


In 2022 the club enters a new dimension with the construction of the new Ping Center in Hennebont, for which EGG Sports has designed a name, a positioning and a strong graphic identity. Our collaboration has also allowed us to equip ourselves with a solid marketing offer thanks to which we are now looking for the Namer of the PING CENTER. Our signature is “Excellence for all”. This is why we are continuing and proposing new offers at the academy level to allow young people to go even further in the union between sports and school. Thanks to this new tool and this training center, we aim to welcome international delegations, major competitions and to create a new one tomorrow: a biennial La Francophonie Tournament. “

An Arena project to move from a Morbihan club to a world table tennis institution
Thanks to his passion and the conquest of numerous titles, the GV Hennebont Tennis de Table (GVHTT) has gradually become a regional, then national, then European reference in table tennis. Thanks to its financial autonomy and its results, the club is today a point of reference on the local, national and European territory in terms of training young people, diversifying its economic model and obviously its attractiveness with its world-famous players. The aim is therefore to affirm its role as an institution and to acquire further means to reach the next level: the global scale. To do this, the club started, with the help of EGG Sports, the construction and commercialization of a pioneering offering in table tennis, the Hennebont Ping Center. Today the club implements its international strategy by welcoming trainees from all over the world, recommending the development of the discipline in other countries, such as the “Ping pour tous” project in Madagascar. In 2022, the Hennebont Ping Center, awaiting a name, will open its doors. The club has embarked on this grand project which will be the first tangible embodiment of the vision of a club that is constantly striving to become a world table tennis institution.

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