their role, missions and competencies required to achieve this goal

The versatility and performance of the community manager

The Community Manager (CM) plays a strategic role in a brand that is the guarantor of its numerical identity on the different language channels. It leverages social media to engage audiences and engage the brand’s communities. In principle, you can consume the realization of the veil, analyze the sample, create content using platforms, all the results of your actions. In the simple measure of « Vanity Metrics », Telles que les likes, les commentaires ou les parts, son perimetre englobe aussi et surtout une forte dimension liee à la performance et au retour sur investissement (ROI).

Polyvalent, it is a credible corner of your organization (agencies, advertisers, associations) for the eyes to work on. « The identification, creditworthiness and content of the company on behalf of the company. It is worth understanding the details of the community, the phone and the ethnologist. A community manager who can appreciate his actions as part of a company’s global digital communication strategy is more than indispensable. », Explicitly Julien Pibourret, trainer in community management for Fococopist and expert LinkedIn.

As with other web metrics, the differences that CM exerts on the advertiser or agent are clear. « When the announcement is made, you are on board the boat. Vous savez quelles actions peuvent be mises en place pour developer l’image et la notoriété de la mark. In an agency you are not directly responsible for the client. Your room for maneuver is more important for promoting the content ideas for the strength of the aid », Poursuit l’intervenant. The community manager interacts well with the number of web users, but only: Responsible or responsible for communication and marketing, but also for press relations, SAV, quality of service or business.

Diverse and enduring competencies for community managers

The qualifications required to be guided by the multiple of CM are many, since we limit Marine Mirambeau, a freelance community manager in Gironde and a young graduate of l’ifocop. « Durant mon cursus, I have skills in communication, marketing, writing, photo retouching, video editing, etc. Thanks to the training offered by Fococop, I can tell you how to organize my CM missions with my client. It brought me legitimacy and confidence in myself. »

The formatter recommends that you specialize in certain skills. « For my part j‘Ai fait le choix de m’orienter sur la plateforme LinkedIn en gardant the compréhension du community management au view of mes expertie experties en agence et chez l’annonceur. »Master project management, know the basics of growth hacking, which will always be able to quickly develop the share of the community in the community, save everyone and rest in the world on the developments of the sector, to develop Permettron of evolution in this area of ​​web marketing which is currently recruiting talented people.

When communication is consistent with psychology, the measure of CM remains humane. « I have a lot of soft skills, these are permanent competenciesconfirms Julien Pibourret. A community manager has a community culture. Understand the insides of the empathic empire without being a prisoner to answer the haters and expatriates on the platforms. »To keep recruitment, you have to work together self-promotion. « If you want to be a CM but you don’t have a presence on social networks, pay attention to the points of your entry. »

A professional training next to the reality of the terrain

Specialized in adult professional training, ifocop offers more pedagogical formulas for quick implementation and improvement of different facets of community manager. « Discovering missions in the form of missions facilitates understanding and the course of action, which opens up new sources of information about digital marketing. »

The possibility of expanding with the instructors, who are professionals in this field, will be able to rest on the reality of the site, which is an opportunity for the owners. « In addition to the quality of the interventions, the accessibility for all questions about the course and the support in our stage search is a credible plus for mon parcours », Next to the old marine Mirambeau.

Further progress: You have the opportunity to pass the course by rotation. « We are on a scale with active and non-static competencies. The change to offer you the opportunity to confront your first thoughts with the business world » concludes Julien Pibourret.

For your former community management, 3 pedagogical formulas are available to you:

Pre-registration in the formation of the community manager of l’ifocop

Fococop presentation

Vocational training organization for adults ifocop presents a rich catalog and a variety of programs for orientation and career development in the following web phases: web developer (full stack JS developer, integrator developer, PHP developer developer) e-commerce, community manager , responsible operational marketing or more web designers. Thanks to a pedagogical method that combines the application of skills at the center or at a distance and a phase of immersion in the economy (level or alternative), the participants are present in the practical lessons and confront themselves with the specifics. A very good formula for 80% of the owners of the company fococop is used.

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