These Criteo alumni want to regain their lead in email retargeting

Former Criteo employees have thrown themselves into entrepreneurship to relaunch an activity that Criteo had decided to abandon due to strategic disinterest.

Last February, Criteo announced the end of its email retargeting activity. Since then, e-merchants have been frantic to find an alternative to the one that holds almost 70% of a market estimated to be around €15m in France today.

Many have thrown themselves into the arms of 1000mercis and Eperflex. The most hesitant have been offered another solution since last June, launched… by former Criteo employees. Alexandre de Chavagnac and Antoine Devos, founders of Tedemis, which was acquired by Criteo in 2014 to become Criteo Dynamic Email (CDE), have ambitions to regain their previous status. The duo have joined forces with email targeting specialist Cloud Media (a subsidiary of Arthur Media Group) to launch a joint venture called Remailme.

The company was quick to regain the reach that Criteo had at the time. “Our net reach, that is, the number of cookies we associate with an opt-in partner, fluctuates between 25 and 32% depending on the client,” says Group General Manager (also a former Criteo employee), Laetitia Randrianasolo . At Eperflex, this ratio fluctuates between 15 and 50% depending on the case, as explained by Matthieu Vermot, solutions manager.

Remailme relied on Arthur Media Group’s email database, Welcoming, and a number of partnerships with major email database publishers that had enabled Criteo to build its data pool. In the lot, groups like Prisma media or Planet. The company claims to have signed sixty clients in five months of existence. “Some keep the solution they used to test us directly or put us in competition to choose the best partner,” says Laetitia Randrianasolo.

“The closer the relaunch of the face-to-face step is, the more effective it is”

“We’ve leveraged Cloud Media technology to get as close to real time as possible.” A classic email forwarder typically redirects a user within an hour of visiting the advertiser’s site. “We managed to reduce this time to 30 minutes after the site visit. The closer the recovery is to the site visit, the more effective it is”, specifies Laetitia Randrianasolo. Remailme claims a 25-30% email retargeting open rate, versus 15-20% for market standards.

The goal is to further reduce this contact time. Remailme is testing a change to 15 minutes. Another avenue for improvement is retargeting scenarios. “We want to be as user-friendly as possible, with reminders on D+1, D+4 and possibly a shutdown, depending on the contact’s interactions with the client’s emails and site,” says Laetitia Randrianasolo.

Remailme remunerates the associated publisher on the basis of a CPM for each cookie or email address used. “We wanted to take a step back from the pay-for-performance model that has been in use for a long time and has led to foundation overpressure,” explains Laetitia Randrianasolo. According to Remailme’s director, this CPM model, also used by 100mercis, should restore the value of partner publishers’ email databases. “There is no real exclusivity. Everyone works with everyone. We hope that this business model will allow us to stand out.” Remailme, for its part, invoices the advertiser in the CPC, assuming part of the risk… as Criteo does for display retargeting.

The RGPD introduces the notion of co-responsibility

To continue nibbling market share, Remailme will also have to seek more reach, anticipating the arrival of the GDPR. “The latter introduces a notion of co-responsibility between all the actors in the chain: publisher, router, forwarder and advertiser. All the contracts we sign stipulate that the subscription emails sent to us are in accordance with the GDPR. Without what, We stopped working with the offending publisher.”

The retargeter is also working on a solution that will allow it to collect cookies directly at the source, tagging the sites of advertiser clients. The feature, beta-tested with three advertisers, should roll out by the end of the year. Brands such as Galeries Lafayette, André, Belambra or a large hotel group that prefers to remain discreet have already been conquered. “The goal is to be the leader again at the end of 2018.”

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