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The B2B marketing utility leverages physical and digital events to generate visibility or leads. Most of the events are over, neither the organizers nor the partners are able to interact with the participants. Invink is a French platform used by the big actors of the event. She will be able to organize events but also create a series of community events with the participants. Thank you for the communities, the brands and organizers can change with these participants throughout the year. A great advantage for a B2B marketing strategy. To learn more about the solution and interest in community-based marketing, we interviewed François Floribert, CEO and co-founder of Invink.

In addition to outperforming and destroying a demo

Would you like to introduce us?

Invink is a BtoB marketing platform that organizes events of all types and formats, but also animate its community of members. The platforms will be able to offer a personalized experience with the colors of your brand and protect the masterpiece of your data.

Invink proposes a module that includes the organization of digital and hybrid presentations. Would you like to know more about the solution and your use of the major French salons (Vivatech, Hub Institute, EBG ())?

Customers used to organize a variety of events, all three major salons in the international port with VivaTech, or nationally with the HUB Institute’s HUB Forums and HUB Days or the EBG’s Benchmark, the most prestigious international conferences of the Frauen Forum or the OCDE , the webinar-type online court format seminars as our own invincible morning shows, the names of hybrid magazine events like Lengow Day, the PrestaShops Days, etc.

Some of our clients organized plus 300 events on the platform, like Bpifrance. We will keep using our services for all types of events!

Your position is to promote a community-based marketing strategy. Would you like to know more about this strategy and your interest in events and brands?

Our position is always in the field of view of the organizers and organizers of the point-by-point engagement search, which is currently in demand in an “always-on” mode and at the end of the day contains everything the content suggested audiences. The organizers and brands can offer the content available to them, the content of the proposed offer to the participants of an event, the premium content and the exclusive reservation of members of a community… This is the principle of community-based marketing.

This strategy allows you to keep track of the length of the year with attendees and be unique in the days of the event.

Cela permet émelement d’aller plus loin dans la relation avec ses audiences et de les fidéliser. The management of an online community that is digital personal experience, an ultra-communicative communication and the possibility of exchange with members and members of the dialogue between them and everyone. Everything is clear to turn a logical event into a pure marketing experience.

What are the possible changes and interactions, and in some cases?

Pendant un événement, il est possible d’avoir one communication “hybrid” pour permettre aux persons comme aux intervenants de participer à distance: tables for networking, speed meetings, business meetings one-to-one, etc.

After the event, the organizers and announcers can promote the content in the replay, but no interaction is possible. However, the organizers can take care of more than a single event. This is a pity
Creation and animation of the reservation community for the members of the country, author of the discussed topics. In reality, it is about creating a “LinkedIn Like” that is more dedicated to the brand or event and the coherence of the conditions and content of the participants. Interactions take place via the smut of the news, in the comments, as a counterpart to networking on demand, etc.

All of this will also help create the events between the events and your community to support marketing strategies as well as all performances in the long term.

In addition to outperforming and destroying a demo

How are the communities created lastingly by building between the brands and participants?

The community creates an attack network plus power for quality and context of experience that is suggested: personal space for the community, permanent content, experience and knowledge packages and approvals, networking with interested contacts, etc.

It is possible to extend the changes by the municipalities until the long anniversary of the creation of an exchange space for members to fill with the interests of our centers with the help of some authors from a theme or a theme in lien. It is not uncommon to have time or time contractions as members are constantly connected.

The expertise proposed is interesting, more interesting than that on LinkedIn which is a specific source and will be difficult to conclusively report on the quality of information on a given topic.

A person with whom he communicates at the same time as a beautiful friend, takes part in a simple participation in an event. Enfin, the organizer, can personalize the website for the community in a well-adapted and friendly way, animate and dynamize the engagement of the members and collect all data about the font of the members (at the link from LinkedIn).

How big is the interest in the target group segment? What do customers say about starting an onion community?

The interest of sections of the audience is to teach the experience centers specifics, not more interesting, and some of the most interesting, and also teach the most interesting experiences.

Surprisingly, the data module is the consolidator of the assembly data generated on the platform. The companies can use the information collected to enable the communication of the most important components and segments of the audience. Communities are created by the author of the following topics: metro (DAF, RH, Marketing, etc.), technological or scientific field, specialty (

What data collection options do you have?

In addition, the organizer defines the data that the collector wants. In addition to maintaining compliance according to the RGPD, it is possible to collect information about the interaction between a participant and an event or a member of a community: private sessions, download resources, scheduled business meetings. This is a source of accurate information for the organizers, but all information below will be collected and used.

What about the participants, who are the adventures?

The adventure for the participant is to be able to benefit from a personalized digital experience, always turning to the Internet centers. The child can participate and is motivated to be more or more active in the community: the possibility of accessing exclusive content, meeting and sharing with couples, a sense of exclusivity…

In a commune, he can also rate the members and act as a champion or ambassador in a consistent manner, a mark of enlightenment that can be bestowed on the person of the upgraded.

Why is it important to have a robust and versatile platform instead of a community-based marketing strategy?

The following 5 basic areas are to be integrated into a community-based marketing strategy:

  • Promotion of a personalized website for the community that is at the forefront of the brand and reflects the image that can be projected by the organizer,
  • integrate the experience of community and the experience of attending events,
  • Promotion of different event formats in an ultimate and coherent community with the brand at its heart,
  • to master the content and the possibilities of fulfilling the accessibility in the function of the statute, according to the public in the past by the member of the rule of law, fidèle,
  • Capture the data and provide a contact connotation, all of which protect the data of your data.

In addition to outperforming and destroying a demo

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