Top 12 Generators to Create Your Email Signature

Do you want to create a professional email signature but don’t know much about graphics and html code? Don’t be scared, there are many free online tools that will allow you to automatically generate professional email signatures (with or without html) that you just have to copy into the signature settings of your favorite mailbox (Gmail, Thunderbird, Outlook,…) . Here is a list of top 12 100% free online tools.

1- Hubspot Email Signature Generator – Free, Simple and Beautiful

Overview of the interface for generating an email signature via Hubspot’s auto-generator tool

Undoubtedly the simplest, most intuitive and professional free signature creation tool to dateHubspot’s email signature generator lets anyone create a professional, personalized email signature in minutes.

The online interface offers nothing less than 6 different email signature designs and all for free.

As a bonus, it is possible to add a CTA below each signature to redirect internet users to a specific page on your website. Here’s an example we did in just a few minutes:

email signature example
Example of an email signature made in a few minutes through the Hubspot generator

Access URL:

#sponso: BoostMyMail, the professional and centralized email signature generator

Free for 14 days, boost my mail is a French SaaS tool that offers companies the possibility of centralize the management of email signatures of all its collaborators through an HTML generator system that allows generate various custom email signature templates for free.

increase my email signatures

Not limited to simply creating professional email signature templates, the BoostMyMail platform goes further by allowing centralized management through a dashboard and widespread deployment to all employees of a company (through a monthly subscription adapted to each company).

2- the signature generator with more than 40 free templates

create gimmio email signature
Overview of the interface to create a signature from the tool

Formerly called ZIPPYSIG, is a free tool that allows you to create your signature by choosing from a list of 40+ free templates. It is also possible to create a custom layout through the dedicated interface on the site.

After selecting a template, all you have to do in this tool is replace the data and images with your contact details and then click ” Install your signature To get the signature to copy, paste it into your signature management interface in your Outlook or Gmail mailbox, for example.

With the free version, the tool integrates the mention “create your own signature” in a small way in each signature, but it is very easy to delete it at the time of integration in your mailbox.

Access URL:

3- the html email signature generator without images

free html signature generator
Here is an overview of the 6 styles of html email signatures that this online generator tool offers

Also 100% free,’s email signature generator allows you to choose from a list of 6 free html templates, however they do not include images.

This template has the advantage of natively integrating the legal notices below each signature, something that the other generators presented in this list do not handle natively.

This online generator is also very easy to use and will allow you to get a new signature in just a few clicks.

Access URL:

4 – WiseStamp: A free tool to generate a signature with integration of the latest article from your RSS feed

WiseStamp Email Signature Generator
Overview of the interface to generate an email signature through WiseStamp

WiseStamp email signature generator requires login (via social login) to be able to choose between two free templates.

If it is not more interesting than the other tools presented in this paper article, you have the advantage of adding a link below the signature to the latest blog article published on your site and present in your RSS feed.

As with some other free signature generation tools, WiseStamp also incorporates a basic automatic promotion for its tool.

Access URL:

5- a simple tool to create a signature

email signature generator
Summary of the site

An easy-to-use online tool, Si.gna.ture allows you to create a signature to copy and paste into your mailbox in just a few clicks. The only major disadvantage compared to the other tools presented above is that it does not allow you to choose the signature template. Pity.

With the free version, you can edit your signature for 30 days and use it as long as you want.

Access URL:

6-, a free online email signature generator

Mail Signatures email signature generator
Overview of

Email Signature Generator With no less than 41 signature templates to use, mailsignatures allows its users to create signatures compatible with Outlook, Outlook 365, Thunderbird, Gmail, Exchange Server and Exchange Online for free.

Access URL:

7- Signature Maker, create your email signature simply

Signature Maker is probably one of the simplest email signature generators on the market. Again, it is a 100% free tool that makes creating a signature accessible to everyone. Simple and free, it’s great, but the tool still has its limits as it only offers one type of visual. However, if you want to create an effective signature very quickly, without any hassle, it’s handy.

All you have to do is go to their site, enter your name, email address, company name, job title, website, phone number, address, social media, and a photo. And that’s it. Signature Maker then automatically generates the HTML code to add to your emails.

Signature Maker, create your email signature simply
Signature Maker, create your email signature simply

8- Honeybook, 9 Free Email Signature Templates

Honeybook also offers an extremely fast signature creation experience. They say it themselves: “Create a professional email signature in 30 seconds”. And that is the case!

Unlike Signature Maker, here you will have access to 9 different templates, for a price always equal to €0. Same process, you just have to fill in your personal data, select the template and that’s it. The signing preview is done live before your eyes. When you’re satisfied, just click ‘Finish’ and Honeybook emails you the HTML signature.

Honeybook, 9 Free Email Signature Templates
Honeybook, 9 Free Email Signature Templates

9-New old seal

The free version of Newoldstamp is a fairly classic yet effective HTML email signature generation tool. You can choose between twenty different models. You can indicate your important information, photo or logo, social networks, as in the other tools.

If you like the free tool, Newoldstamp offers a premium version where you can add banners and calls to action.

10- Right Inbox, the extension to add to your browser

The peculiarity of Right Inbox is that it is an extension to install in your browser. It is compatible with Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari and Google Workspace. Completely free, the extension allows you to manage everything from your browser. The little extra is that Right Inbox not only allows you to manage your signatures, but also email scheduling, notifications, tracking and much more.

11 –, the solution that adapts to your needs is a relatively simple email signature creation tool. It offers you to build your signatures with a very intuitive drag and drop system. The visual aspect of the different models offered is very careful. Even with one account, it is possible to start with 6 different models or start from scratch.

Regardless of the medium in which the email is consulted, the signature will retain its initial quality. Another advantage of this tool is the “business” side. You will be able to extend your signature model to your entire structure, with impeccable uniformity. This feature is paid for, but it gives you an indication of the power of the tool.

If we want to be specific about what free offers, here’s what we found:

  • 1 signature
  • Maximum 10 fields
  • Maximum 2 photos
  • No access to premium templates
  • Basic Image Hosting
  • The signature is removed from your site after 30 days (doesn’t stop you from using it, just modify or resume it)
Email signature generator:
Email signature generator:

It is also important to note that this tool is only available in English at the moment.

12 – MySignature, 5 simple and free templates

MySignature will allow you to create an email signature for free. For users in free mode, there is a set of 5 fairly basic but effective templates. Apart from the free ones, there are different categories of templates like “modern”, “elegant”, “creative”, etc…

Once you have selected the template that suits you best, you will come to the editor. The interface is quite clear and fluid, we find all the information we need at a glance, even if it is in English. Initially you will be able to modify all the basic information that concerns you (name, company, position, telephone number(s), website, email address, etc.). It is even possible to import your social media links.

When importing an image, you don’t need to crop it first, the tool allows you to do it directly. There are also some little additions to put in your signature, like a video link, or an eco-friendly message against printing emails. Other additions to paid accounts are possible, such as a calendar, a CTA, or a link to a marketplace.

Email Signature Generator: MySignature
Email Signature Generator: MySignature

Email Signature Generator for Business

Signitic is an email signature generator designed for businesses. It will allow you to centralize all the signatures of your company, in a simple and coherent way. No jealousy with Signitic, your entire company will have similar signatures. There is even the possibility of adding banners under the signature. Signitic also offers an analysis tool to study the key figures of these banners and signatures.

It’s a bit of an out-of-the-box tool as it’s not free, but the harmonization approach for a business is quite remarkable. As for the price, it will only cost you the symbolic sum of €1 per month and per person. You can also sign up for a 30-day no-obligation trial.

Other Free Email Signature Generators

If you have any other free and effective tools to suggest to us, please do so via the comments below.

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