Top 5 most influential surgeries of 2021!

The three key players are involved in influencing marketing so that in addition to being more publicly accessible, they can also be connected, occupied, more occupied, saturated with intrusive publicity. If that practice doesn’t make it through the year, these creative campaigns are poised to take a new turn. The development of online sports and public opinion is not a change. En effet, on accorde desormais une plus great important à la transparency, la responsabilité ainsi qu’à l’authenticité des marques et de leurs porte-paroles. It is also constant to mention the fund’s tendencies, which continue to influence the creations of the content of aujourd’hui. Commitment to micro-influencers, the power of video format, the empowerment of live streams, the rise of social shopping “Return to the Future” : a review of the 2021 anniversary of the year 5 of this year’s top 5 surgeries.

Get full inspiration with this non-exhaustive selection!

1. Cas de Celio on LinkedIn

Lorsqu’une campaign d’influence est évoquée au détour d’une conversation, on ascocie rarement cette stratégie à LinkedIn. A cake. Essentially, the platform can also be used by content creators who are very influential and diverse. Favikon a’illeurs has identified 150 B2B profiles in France, to the top.

Celio is donc parti à la conquête de ce reseau social profesionalen, in April 2021, for redinamiser son image de marque, auprès de son cœur de cible. A savoir, les hommes yagés de 25 a 40 ans. The door-to-door design is also a chain of actions “Half Presentable” with the agency Follow, dans laquelle, elle promptly a gamme de vêtement adaptee au télétravail et aux “semi looks”. More than 200 leaders (entrepreneurs, CEOs, supervisors, young players, etc.) “Celio Visio Kit”. Not that 4 boxes, for 4 different styles, this is an envoy. Chacune salary and high “presentable” Yes “Credible” with a basically totally contracted (caleçon, Bermuda, tongs (). Bref, an uncomfortable combo that I can’t respond to professionally.

Credit Photo: LinkedIn / Valentin Mauguet

“Social research is a function of fashion, of its rules, of its audience. It’s a good idea to commend and identify those who wish to enjoy their privileges. If you are impacted, it is a significant sign that you have defined your strategy, which is the goal of your influencer campaign: gain awareness, increase traffic, hire direct contact, etc. In the way that the message doesn’t in the function of your object, I cannot fulfill the purpose of forming the plateau choisie. The social network of the most followed or influential member of the big subscribers is not the best of the best! » explica Guillaume Devianne, Director of Business Education and National Development at ISEG. The help: “It is advisable for students to think about the timing of reflections on objects, to send a good message to a good person, to strive and be sure of the results, which are immeasurable. »

2. Michel and Augustin’s house on Instagram

Loin d’être un bloc monolithic, le monde du marketing d’influence accueille une variety de prescripteurs, telle une nebuleuse. Accordingly, the subscriber name is not privileged. Appeal to the micro or nano influencers to be authentic, be relevant, be your target. These profiles plus authentications et “In times” at the doorstep of the fan and seducer of plus and more brands, pictured by Michel and Augustine.

The French food brand as the result of an innocent campaign on Instagram with Hivency in March 2021. The goal? After 23-40 years, promoting a new offer of tartar dishes. Beyond the simple placement of a traditional or unboxing product, Michel and Augustine proposed an exciting experience that is authentic to the content creators who communicated. Indeed, the micro and nano influencers mobilized on a small collision farm. Pour en venir à bout, ils ont dû resúdre quatre défis à l’aide de leurs followers. This activation is also part of the impact of the interns in the campaign, but also the author’s attention to the new products. Accurate information that closes the campaign with a very high score. 250 stories generated, 9,542 likes, 688 comments and monitoring 300,000 internet users touched!

Credit Photo: Instagram / @healthy_yum_yum

“All advertisers are out of touch with a very large, geographically just one of them. And this is about the influence of local influencers, also in a territory, a region. It has an audience and an influential plus to target your votes to profiles that match a specific geographic situation. This is a strong tendency to survive; Effect on return on investment is important and the use of these “ambassadors” to use your territorial image to help you “, Detail Guillaume Devianne.

3. Cas de Carte Noire on TikTok

The music is non-competitive, a lever of prediction and engagement on TikTok. Carte Noire l’a bien includes a créé l’évènement sur cette plateforme à success, pour le lancement de ses nouveaux cafés prêts-à-boire.

In July 2021, the coffee brand made a box with their #WakeUpChallenge challenge conceived by agency The Brand Nation. And for a good reason! Carte Noire is linked to electronic music composer French Fuse, made up of a Morseau inedit for the occasion. Consumers don’t have to invite them to the beat of celebrity duo music, with an activation color filter. To maximize the visibility of this TikTok challenge, make it my double-edged sword. She is an element associated with Camille la danseuse, Matistor and a design by micro-influencers

Credit Photos: Black Card

Guillaume Devianne revived the success of the social network used for this campaign: “TikTok is a selection of the exclusive video format in vertical format (le format natif des jeunes utilisateurs de téléphone), de quelques minute seulement and deployé a sistema de recommendation base sur an Intelligence Artificiali Vise de Manière Très Très Juste des Contenus Addictifs. This is the whole power of the network, the ability to pass the time that the rest of the network is losing its visitors very quickly. The virality of the content is the second most important attention to the typology of the last, but it is not in moderation, and the power of the users can be very clear to define the last things that are under the sign of the inscription. »

4. Winamax House on YouTube

The video format is the most viral on the internet. The person in a raffled and determined car celui-ci is plus ludique, engaged and divertissant. For this content genre, be sure to follow YouTube and provide additional personal preferences. In light of this, Winamax is touring the McFly and Carlito YouTube channels (7 million subscriptions) to promote their offerings in Europe.

The latter offered a video sponsored by several insolites: an indoor foot match with other influentials, Pierre Croce and Natoo. That “dismantling” Advertisements not only permu d’engager plusieurs communautés et de faire grimper le nombre de vues (plus de 4 million). The video principle? Every day it plays with the colors of the poker site and Paris sports and is equipped with an immersive team. qui lui montre le terrain… vu du dessus. On the fabric of this game, a member of the percussion team with the effect of a vertical gauge: laver les vitres d’un gratte-ciel.

Credit Photo: YouTube / McFly and Carlito

«Sponsored videos can be added to a section on a platform to increase the visibility of your video, but the most important thing is also a collaboration with an influencer»Enonce Guillaume Devianne, Director of Training and National Development of ISEG. “Concernant la collaboration, il est important que le product, le service, la marque mise en avant dans la vidéo corresponde bien à l’univers de l’influenceur, donc à son audience. The image of influence can serve the brand. Trop souvent, nous voyons des contents sponsorésé qui servent les finances de l’influenceur mais sont en total decalage avec la cible de l’entreprise. Another important point to support: the content. The tone, the manner is not the hallmark of being in front of it, it is possible to understand the advertising format to be discussed as much as possible from the university of the influencer. Aim to ensure the entire video is sponsored. »

5. Benefit Cosmetics House on Twitch

Strong popular vote after the restrictions, Twitch to select a large number of creators does not embellish streamers. The commitment is that these last ones are the only ones in the category «Beauty and art corporals», on the platform. Note that the Benefit Cosmetics brand is a favorite of the premiums to be had “Flair” this tendency.

This cosmetics manufacturer has launched an influencer campaign on Twitch, intitulée «game face». A transfer price that allows you to continuously distribute the content for a week. And this thanks to the implication of one of the world streaming streams. Parmi elles, nous pouvons citer la streameuse française de Leagues of Legends Shynouh, I love the American Sydeon. A total of 5,000 hours of video on this vision by one of a total of 3,000 viewers. A continuous activation, Benefit Cosmetics a atteint ses objectifs, à savoir, créer un lien de trust avec son audience mais aussi s’imposer comme LA chaîne de méférence melant melant video games and beauty products on Twitch.

Photo credit: Benefit Cosmetics

“Are all brands that live on Twitch?” no Most people who want to touch an audience, plus young people who have traditional channels of communication, yes »argues Guillaume Devianne. “Cependant, produce live content, make live commentary on Twitch or other platforms that provide other news features; require important preparation time and the ability to process the information in real time. Note that the Twitch platform is a creative tool that differs greatly from “mainstream” social media, but without the risk of disrespecting community codes and attitudes. Attention no clichés! Il faut un vrai contenu dédié pour toucher cette cible plus jeune, reticente aux formats publikitaires traditionalnels jugés intrusifs. »

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