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[CONTENU PARTENAIRE] The SAP Concur platform occupies a leading position in the management of expense reports and business trips. More than 60 million users and 48,000 companies around the world trust us every day. As early as 1999 he was one of the first players to offer a smoother experience via the Cloud. And despite the acquisition by the SAP group, SAP Concur remains solution independent and integrates with all ERPs. Explanatory elements with Damien Palausi (Director, Solution Consulting) and Kahina Belmilud (Director, Product Marketing).

Can you present the SAP Concur solution in a nutshell?

Damien Palausi: Our expense report and business travel management software offers an end-to-end experience (from travel booking to expense report reimbursement) to a company’s employees, executives and accountants. Its simplicity ensures fast and effective adoption. Other tools were gradually added to it. They allow for greater control and compliance, better visibility on expenses thanks to a budget view of expenditure follow-upto detection solutions fraud or also thanks to features implemented by our partners.

When they travel, for example, they bring traveler safety, allowing them to easily contact their company, even from abroad. They also facilitate the processing of expense reports by managing VAT recovery. Finally, they adapt to the spirit of the times, taking into account sustainability issues, linked to sustainable development.

Kahina Belmilud: These services go beyond the simple automation of expense reporting processes and allow you to meet the different expectations of companies based on their level of maturity. Our platform wants to be open and connected to more than 250 partners and this is what differentiates us among others from other market players. These are modules / services that are useful both for the company and for the employee.

How did you support companies during the health emergency?

DP: Until 2019, employees booked their business trips from our tool and managers took care of their validation. Covid has obviously had several consequences on business travel. First, it reduced their frequency. As the most important journeys were rescheduled, solutions had to be found to ensure journeys in good condition.

Companies had to watch over their costs and the safety of their employees. Our mission order management tool made this possible centralize information relating to the duration of journeys, destinations and compliance with them (or not) health regulations. In short, we’ve put a simple process in place so that everything is in order even before the employee books their trip.

KB: Businesses were really looking for more control. They had to honor their duty of protection and we helped them choose the appropriate trips. We also have given employee access to correct information via the TripIt consumer app. It allows you to find all the elements of your travel itinerary, receive alerts, but also provide information on the intended destinations, their constraints (health subscription required or not, wear a mask, number of vaccines, etc.) and the level of risk involved. Our various solutions and teleworking have also encouraged companies to do so go 100% digitalto avoid problems related to paper management and allow continuity of service.

Are companies sufficiently mature in the digitization of expense reports?

KB: There are different levels of maturity! The health crisis has greatly shaken the habits of PMI and ETI, which still managed expense reports with Excel. However, theacceleration of digitization it’s not just because of Covid. It is also the result of an evolving legal framework. In fact, thanks to two decrees (22 March 2017 laying down the procedures for digitizing paper invoices in application of article L. 102 B of the tax procedure book and the decree of 23 May 2019 in force from 1 July 2019), it is now It is possible to dispense with the paper format of the expense report receipts. Provided you scan them in advance with a regulatory compliant solution.

DP: Small businesses are the most agile in this transition ! Their size offers less complexity and less change management. In parallel, Millennial leaders and employees they are the ones that are best suited to this new expense report management.

According to a study she conducted at the end of 2021, only one in three employees would never commit expense report fraud. What are you doing to help companies with this?

DP: Thanks to our Concur Travel & Expense tool, companies avoid this type of fraud! There are also two types of fraud: to internal politics, or to the USSR. Concur Travel & Expense, for example, allows you to demonstrate that a dinner is actually linked to a business trip.

KB: Small and medium-sized businesses don’t always have the means to control expense reports. However, they can use the SAP Concur solution to check and verify 100% of the expense reports.

DP: Anyone who manually reviews expense reports knows how slow and error-prone this process can be. For this reason we have chosen, among other things, to rely on AI and machine learning to analyze 100% of transactions. This allows you to detect suspicious activity before and after payment.

What are the other benefits of digitizing expense reports?

KB: 100% digital offers continuous service! Simplify and automate all or part of the expense and travel reporting process. Therefore, the accountant as an end user save time. Input errors are also minimized. The Agapes Restauration Group, one of our customers, also estimates that its accounting department has achieved a productivity increase in one year of 2,700 hours, 390 days or 1.7 FTEs. Plus, expense reports are faster executed and validated and therefore refunded faster. This operation provides the company with better management of its cash flow and significant productivity gains.

DP: Saving time is a boon for international companies, as their invoice verification services are sometimes overseas. Therefore, it also represents dematerialization savings on costs and storage space. However, some companies still do not know that the law has changed and that the Fisc and the USSR now agree to work on the basis of scanned copies. We must therefore carry out an educational work to facilitate their daily life.

KB: In addition to digitization, the SAP Concur platform offers a great user experience that is not insignificant and can therefore help attract Millennials, accustomed to digital tools. This is a great resource for companies looking to attract and retain new talent.

Ecology and sustainability are part of the concerns of millennials. Can you specify what you are doing in this regard?

DP: Our SAP Concur solution has been aware of this for many years. We started by offering to our customers filter their travel options by carbon emissions different means of transport. Plus, our TripIt app now allows everyone to calculate their carbon emissions from year to year. Useful information to help employees reduce their environmental impact.

We also recently took it a step further by adding Thrust Carbon to our App Center. Customers from all over the world can connect their Concur Travel & Expense solutions to it. The data relating to their expenses and their journeys are then intelligently analyzed. The result gives them an accurate and detailed view of their business travel carbon footprint, which they can then improve.

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