Train to become a web marketing manager to develop an effective digital strategy

How do you create a digital strategy that stands out from the competition?

The Digital Marketing Manager’s mission is to design and oversee a company’s marketing strategy and sometimes communications, creating original and effective campaigns. Its role is all the more strategic as it affects many areas of this sector. ” He will work on all marketing levers, whether free or paid referencing, emailing, affiliation, etc., to attract and retain new customers and generate revenue for his organization explains Gwendoline Quillerou, Education Manager of the Digital Marketing Expert Course at the Digital School of Paris. By mastering these different levers, the web marketing manager has all the keys to developing his brand’s digital strategy.

The 5 Tips You Should Follow to Develop an Effective Web Marketing Strategy

Many factors need to be considered to implement an effective digital strategy. Gwendoline Quillerou decodes the best practices to successfully differentiate yourself from the competition:

  1. Know your customers and their values differentiate themselves from other brands by promoting their own based on their strengths,
  2. Analyze the market by conducting a competitive audit that will allow you to identify the other players in your field of activity and find the best way to position yourself,
  3. Identify the users of the product or service to be sold, by working on personas to master all the specifics of your goal,
  4. Understand the expectations of your future users in order to offer them the best possible user experience and meet their needs, in particular by analyzing their motivations, their habits, but also more generally their browsing on the Internet,
  5. Keep an open mind and keep an eye out of everything done in terms of graphics and development to be able to customize and personalize your digital marketing strategy.

The importance of regular marketing and web monitoring

The educational management also recommends carrying out regular monitoring. It’s about ” know the new trends in their core business, but also on the web in general “. This monitoring allows you to find inspiration to create effective marketing campaigns. His advice: follow websites or blogs specialized in digital marketing, expert accounts on social networks, but also subscribe to newsletters to be informed of the latest news and stay up to date with technological developments.

Versatility, team management and digital marketing tools to master

To design a global digital strategy, soft skills such as curiosity, open-mindedness or the ability to manage and control multiple missions at the same time are essential. ” The digital marketing manager must be versatile to carry out the projects entrusted to him, especially if he develops in a small structure where he has to get his hands dirty. Team management is also an essential human trait to practice this profession. » The Digital School of Paris offers you specific modules so that you can acquire these skills over the long term. ” During their training, our students put their knowledge into practice in group work. They learn to work together and delegate certain tasks to their colleagues. “, stresses Gwendoline Quillerou.

Advanced knowledge of the various levers and tools of digital marketing is required to pursue a career in this field. The educational director of the school recommends familiarizing yourself with the tools of Google Ads, Analytics or Trends ” because they are very important for referencing and monitoring the implementation of the actions taken “. In terms of graphics, the Adobe suite or Canva for creating visuals to illustrate your campaigns are essential for this position. Finally, the digital marketing manager must also know how to use CRMs and CMS, and have a good knowledge of HTML feature. ” Without these web development terms, you cannot practice or optimize SEO effectively.. »

Training to quickly enter the labor market

Yaëlle Assaraf, Masters student in Digital Marketing at the Digital School of Paris and endowed with a creative spirit, chose this professional path to convey the message of brands, engage their audiences and thus build an increasingly digital community. ” The training I follow is hands-on and helps me to understand the tools needed for the web, design and communication professions, but also to develop managerial skills for the implementation of team projects. Thanks to this knowledge, I am operational, versatile and autonomous in business, where my missions combine editorial design, social media management and community management.. »

This course offers several modules on web marketing actions (SEO, SEA, email, CRM, etc.) and the creation of digital strategies that students will need during their professional experience. ” The trainers, who are professionals, bring their expertise and advice, which is very enriching for all learners. ‘, Gwendoline Quillerou continues. An observation shared by Yaëlle Assaraf, who also emphasizes the articulation of the training: ” Intensive weeks are dedicated to one discipline, one for the theoretical part and one for application to a specific team project. This organization is particularly adapted to the rhythm of rotation, as it allows us to focus our efforts during our school week without diluting the learning “.

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Presentation of the Digital School of Paris

The Digital School of Paris trains in all web professions. The first 2 years of the Bachelor will provide you with the skills you will develop in the different digital sectors. You can then continue your way to Bachelor MBA I (Bac+4 Level) Design and Digital Marketing Project Manager or Digital Developer Consultant. To complete your training, the MBA II (level bac+5) offers you several specializations, depending on your mood: Master Digital Marketing, Digital Architect, Digital UX / UI or Digital Human Resources. The advantage of the school: an education that combines theoretical lessons to acquire the basics and practical application in the workplace, with extra-occupational digital offers that are accessible from the 3rd year of the bachelor’s degree.

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