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Free grandstand from Collective Seen in Millas: But where are the democratic (even moral) standards? Is the issue of candidates’ political etiquette and strategy a factor in abstention?

#Following the news from Pierre Bataille and his deputy Chantal Bruzi, the candidates (LaREM Ensemble) disqualified on January 1stah Tower behind the RN and Nupes. They tell each other “concerned” for the mayors of the communes around Perpignan because the “RN is far ahead” what promises for them “Difficult Tomorrow” (for whom?) with respect for voters, without giving voting instructions and indicating that they will vote ” White “.

why “concerned” If they vote blank, won’t the NUPES be deprived of the votes and the RN awarded victory?

The RN is not the black plague of the Fifth Republic as it is currently an authorized political party and is seen as conforming to the Republic’s values, so democracy (and abstention) has spoken. What is disturbing is not asking.

Many demonize the RN, but no one dares question the actual compatibility of that party’s ideologies with Republican values. Either the RN is compatible with the Republic (which is the case today) and there we must remain silent and respect the results of the elections and the voters (even if we are disappointed), or we dare to demonstrate the incompatibility of the RN with Republican values ​​and we act concretely to ban this party, often an excuse for one “Republican Front” strategically.

We must also address the causes of the abstentions (52.5% at national level and 54.38% in the Pyrénées-Orientales department). A possible reason for the abstention is the confusion about the political designation of the candidates and their (non-)affiliation to the parties they claim when running for the SE elections (without designation). Let’s take the example of our municipality/district.

stone battle (Mayor of Fontrabiouse-Espousouille, President of the Municipality of the Pyrénées Catalanes, Departmental Council of POs – he succeeds John Castex in July 2020) and

Chantal Bruzi (Opposition Councilor of Perpignan, who sits in the faction of the former Mayor of Perpignan and former President of Metropolis, Jean-Marc Pujol (LR / Les Républicains) both supported by

Jacques Garsau undesignated district council originally on the list John Sol Senator (LR is chosen without a name for the department) is then elected once on the left John Sol to form a small group “The Independents” to explain: “As for the department, I was on Mr. SOL’s ‘list’ and we set up an independent group after the elections to be able to express ourselves freely without restrictions, that’s freedom too. » (as far as we understand it was not possible on the list stronger together from John Sol who will appreciate topping the list and being dropped after the election).

Jacques Garsau is also the mayor of Millas without a label, but is identified nationally as an elected member of the radical party (centre right) he is said to have founded ” sleep “ His status as department president is set to join the party created by Horizons in October 2021 Edward Philip Ex LR becomes Ex 1st Minister of Emmanuel Macron (LREM), whose party eventually merged (LREM and Tutti Quanti), see the full discussion here

Oh you must follow! How complicated and confusing! This may be one of the reasons contributing to the abstention of voters, drowned in a sea of ​​information and witnesses to candidates’ strategic or opportunistic reversals that they can no longer understand and place on the political spectrum.

In general, gone are the days when you proudly wore the jersey of your team and its ideologies. Today, politics seems to be turning into marketing, where the voter is treated as a consumer, studied in order to target his desires and to seduce or even deceive at all costs in order to get his vote far away.Ideologies and strong beliefs. The goal is to hide in the confusion, even if this sometimes means altering the sincerity of the ballot, as voters lose their orientation and essential information regarding the real affiliation of the candidates. That is what many of our fellow citizens seem to perceive in relation to the results of certain elections. Even if they have flaws, political parties have the advantage of providing voters with a clear ideological framework.

said Ouillade(again) visionary, March 18, 2017[i]: “Elected officials must take responsibility. We can’t do politics today like we did under the Fourth Republic, we can’t have one foot here and one foot there, one foot in and one foot out, out of sheer electoral calculus, otherwise we risk angering the electorate for good by leading them to the Abstain or steer to the extremes of the political spectrum. meditate

collective Seen in Millas.

i]PO/ Presidential 2017: Jacques Manya, Ségolène Neuville and the others, will they follow the courageous decision of the Mayor of Perpignan? |

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