Turnover of 55 million euros to become European leader in CRM for TPE and PME

Sellsy, presented as a CRM suite in SaaS to the target of TPE and PME, left 55 million euros. A range of B Series funds, in addition to PSG, an investor specializing in logical targets for companies. The 2009 Start-up Fund offers a solution suitable for both TPE and PME “to develop commercial activities, secure payments and simplify administrative management”summarized Victor Douek, Co-CEO of Sellsy.

Prospectus, Sale, Currency, Invoice and Payment
“The market’s logical solutions to address the corrections of PME’s commercial managementassures Victor Douek. Beaucoup de solutions adressen une partie de leurs besoins que ce soit la vente, la invouration, la management de trésorerie, etc.”. Sellsy se positionne donc comme a actortotout en un pour les PME. The idea of ​​responding to all your feelings without these companies having multiplied the tools that lead to silo information and increase costs.

Sellsy is not a classic CRM. Aspects of prospecting and sales used to be the classics in a CRM. However, the solution does not support you. In the case of foreign currency and domestic currency, it is possible to exchange them electronically and convert them into invoice, payment can be made directly on the platform (on the bank or on the bank). Pay, Sellsy is supported via existing Stripe and PayPal solutions. Puis, the information is transmitted by financial service providers.

When the company connects to Sellsy, it has a 360° view of its customers: the point of sale of the product, the currencies and invoices, the changes at the customer. “Sellsy ne veut pas non plus devenir un couteau suisse à tout faire”, Temper Victor Douek. The idea is to solve the problems in front of the CRM and encourage the connections with other tools. Sellsy proposes a new marketplace for customers with more than 70 connectors with other applications (e.g. telephony solutions, connecting an e-commerce site to get catalogs and inventory, etc.).

Funding the Crucifixion
The sales of a live show in Seed in 2010 are a series of A 2018. Aujourd’hui, l’util de Sellsy is present at 6000 companies for a total of 35000 users. The start-up offers three subscription plans, only usages, do not pay the monthly fee for the number of users.

“Sellsy is rentable for two yearsSelon Victor Douek. This is the birth of the funds to finance the crisis “. For the three administrators, they are at the forefront: improving the functioning of the CRM suite in order to bring customers as much as possible onto the platform; development and reduction of marketing and payment tools; Renforcer son implantation in France and Europe. Côté Marketing, l’idée est de offerr des autils automationas permettant d’attirer la bonne audience sur son site, de convertir un maximum de visiteurs, etc. Côté paiement, Sellsy veut à la fois aider ses clients à mieux prévoir et anticiper leur trésorerie tout en continuant à faciliter les solutions de payment.

Benefit from your unique position
For increasing its presence in France, Sellsy is confusing. Victor Douek assures qu’il n’y a “without the significant actor with his position”, it’s up to you to react to the assembly of the sales cycle. The co-director with an element in front of him that Salesy’s department is able to be responsible for responding to the problems of TPE and PME. Allant dans ce sens, Sellsy est plus globa que les tools de CRM traditionalnels quo repondent souvent à une probleméque bien précise. In the general solution, the addresses of all TPE and PME issuers of foreign currencies and/or invoices can be imported.

The French market is significant given the PME, which is not the number of issues and the tendency to increase the number. Le Covid-19 renforcé cette tendance et Sellsy est bien positionné pour répondre aux problematiques narrow drée par le télétravail. It is possible to react to the collaboration points and to the distance that the TV provides in response to the distance points (currency, bill, payment through the platform).

Sellsy enforcer ses equipes en France for seduire un nombre croissant de client et devrait egalement se lancer plus intensément en Europe en 2023. Ce sont près de 75 personates qui seront recruées dès 2022 and 200 personates d’ici 2025 for avoir a total of 300 salariés (against a centaine aujourd’hui). These recruits are located in La Rochelle and Bordeaux.

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