User Generated Content: The news is essential

: User Generated Content, literally the content published by your users on social networks, is a credible key to the success of current marketing strategies. Discover 4 areas to incorporate into your e-marketing strategy and key practices to do so.

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A new Anglicism to create on the web marketers palette, UGC design all content published by users using social resources to propose a brand or company. Photos, videos, blog articles… Different formats and names are the most interesting companies interested in specific content. Now User Generated Content: new buzzword, or do you really want to be successful with content marketing strategies? Voice 4 reasons to integrate into the e-marketing strategy.

1. User generated content allows you to connect with your audience

Lorsque les editors of content on social networks, ils vou délivrent des clés pour comprendre leur comportement sur internet. Observe the content of the complaint of your publications or the two who published your proposal, you will notice which formats or topics are available in addition to your interest.

Are your YouTube videos a popular feature? There is absolutely nothing you can do to develop a video marketing strategy. Hashtag que vous avez lancé on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram beaucoup reutilisé? We want pain to spread our motto further to make our mark. And in an analyst, what topics are alive plus the interns in your content, you know Hierarchize your content creationto increase the impact of your publications.

In addition to our new marketing strategies for new ideas, UGC will also help you to fix, give some who is promoting your brand, influencers and fans conditions of your company. Thanks to a system that deals with social issues, you can use the tools that will allow you to increase your visibility.

2. The user-generated content is used by your site and your original content reviews

A web-based website with fresh and authentic content, do you like that? Social media publications on the topic of your brand represent live content that is indispensable for retailers. This page is agglomerated with the content of social media issues, the user-generated content, as part of a social wall Reduce the budget attribute to creating content for your website, all in Valorisant you fans and customers. When looking for a social media content aggregation tool, focus your efforts on reflection and strategic action to support content creation to achieve your goals with greater relevance.

Lorsque l’on also said that Nielsen’s 2015 Global Trust in Advertising study found that 66% of customers trust the user notices available on the internet, based on employment turn the User Generated Content into a trust. Enter the code of your customers’ customers or on the product pages of your e-commerce website, which will help you to offer your visitors an offer of your products and services. It is the same company as GlassesUSA that created a “Social Shop” on its website, or the visitors wearing the model of the bezels from the customers; sur chacune des Instagram photos, on trouve un lien vers la page produit: une ingénieuse manière de mettre en valeur son produit.

3. Le user generated content contributes to the engagement of the braids and the conversion

The Marketing Metrics study by P. Farris and his conferences states that the likelihood of selling to an existing customer is 60-70%, you know the likelihood of going to a prospect is 5-20% . All good marketing strategies to help you get the best out of your customers. And what do you want to know that you want to recognize the brand? Diffuse User Generated Content on your website, this Add value to your existing customers and increase your engagement.

More UGC permet also d ‘Increase conversion rates of an ecommerce website. An integral part of the user-generated content (a photo, a comment or a video tutorial) on the product pages interests the companies on the web of the brochure, which is more than just the proposed solution. This is provided by Holiday Club Resorts, a vacation rental specialist, and the suite has a conversion rate of 20-30% of page output.

4. Le User Generated Content reinforces your SEO strategy

Lorsqu’il is published on a Social Wall containing SEO friendly content for your natural reference. The YouTube videos are all part of Google’s apps, which is great Fix your website in search engine results. It is noted that UGC has significantly increased the time taken on web pages: there is also an element that can be used to determine the factors that determine the authority of your website and to rank the key players in our results. Enfin, utiliser ce contenu peut vous permettre de toucher vos impacturs, qui possédent eux-mêmes un site web bien reférencé, ce qui de nouveau augmente votre authority on the search engines. A developed strategy for the company TaylorMade Golf on a platform with great content and the best results in its field of activity.


Flockler is a social media content aggregator that offers diffusion brands for user-generated content on our websites and applications. In order to get your community content out to your customers, you need to increase your engagement with time spent on your website and your conversion rates.

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