We are Founders: open call

BeCentral, Google, Bruxelles Formation and BeAngels launch the second edition of We Are Founders, a 9-month training program for the entrepreneurs of tomorrow.

The second edition of We Are Founders is starting. To do this, the program appeals to ambitious candidates. Registrations are open until 1uh midnight in June.

We are Founders is a less intensive 9 program that allows people to develop a business project, from idea to completion. Thanks to the numerous partners and business contacts, participants will be able to receive advice and raise funds. A unique experience open to all. The aim is to stimulate entrepreneurship, especially among women. In addition to the personalized support and experience of entrepreneurs.es, the training allows unlimited access to BeCentral’s digital campus, which makes its entire ecosystem available to future “founders”.

Who can participate?

Registration is open to everyone on your site. The only selection criteria are the motivation, ambition and feasibility of the project. No diploma or capital is required at the outset. And thanks to its partnership with Brussels Formation, job seekers can keep their social benefits and benefit from a training bonus during this course. The program starts on September 15, 2022.

ELLE, partner of this beautiful project

During the Elle Active Forum, one of the We Are Founders projects led by one or more women can win the Elle Start-Up Award. The Elle Active Forum is an unmissable event for business women in Belgium, which will take place on 18 and 19 November 2022. On the program: conferences, business meetings, workshops.

Stream’Her: These founders share their experience with us

Chloé and Ilaria are the founders of Stream’Her. A project that highlights women on the Twitch streaming platform. They have embarked on the We Are Founders experience and explain to us what they have learned thanks to the program, of which they emphasize the care environment. I am also in the running for the Elle Start-Up Award.

Stream’Lei, what is it?

Chloe: I founded Stream’Her two years ago with the aim of highlighting women in streaming. Ilaria joined me in April 2021. Our content is very different. In addition to highlighting these women, we are organizing training sessions with the cities of Brussels and Antwerp. We train women in streaming, video and digital marketing. We also create events such as tournaments, sometimes with stores where customers are invited to try streaming to win prizes.

Ilaria: We are also trying to democratize streaming.

What observation did you start from to found Stream’Her?

Chloe: During the first lockdown, I became interested in Twitch. I quickly realized that I only came across men. There are only 2 or 3 women in the top 100 streamers and 35% of the women on the platform. Stream’Her aims to encourage women to get started on Twitch and thereby have role models.

Ilaria: Stream’Her serves as a meeting place for female streamers. It is easier to collaborate this way.

What did We Are Founders bring you?

Ilaria: We Are Founders gave us confidence in our project. This helped us make the right strategic choices. This also made the project more concrete.

Chloe: Thanks to the prestigious collaborators of the program, it has given us credibility. Brands are very careful about this, since these collaborators have trusted us, it means that we are serious and that our project is not just any old one.

What would you say to future subscribers?

Ilaria : It is not by remaining alone in its corner that a project advances. Addressing it in a motivating environment is important and We Are Founders offers this possibility.

Chloe: This is best if you want to take your project much further. These 9 months give us the opportunity to focus full time on our project. And the network we create, between peers or collaborators.

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