What announcements at SAS Global Forum 2022?

SAS has organized a new edition of the SAS Global Forum, its annual fair that highlights many of its innovations. Thanks to this event, the company was able to present its new analytical software, its latest updates, its new partnerships, as well as concrete use cases of its already established technologies with its customers.

Feedback on the success of the SAS Viya solution

SAS Viya is a solution that seeks in particular to meet the strong demand for machine learning. This analytics platform allows you to visualize and leverage statistical data while building artificial intelligence models using machine learning. Therefore, the developer can use this tool that supports the most used programming languages ​​to train his models so that they are as efficient as possible.

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The software exists in different forms: for data analysis only, for the creation of reports thanks to the contribution of statistical data, for the creation of machine learning models, to support data scientists, for decision-making marketing, etc.

SAS Viya

This is what the analytical environment offered by SAS Viya looks like. Screenshot: SAS.

According to a study proposed by Forrester Research titled The Total Economic Impact of SAS Viya On Azure, companies deploying SAS Viya on Microsoft Azure have an average return on investment of 204% over three years. Thus, on average in less than 14 months, companies recover their investment and can generate profits.

This study was conducted by interviewing nine decision makers from six different companies to better understand their use of SAS Viya, what benefits they derive from it, and what risks they run when investing in the exploitation of this software. According to them, the tool improves the productivity, overall performance of artificial intelligence models, saving on the costs of the data analysis infrastructure that runs directly with SAS Viya.

Building on these findings, SAS offers new integrations and updates for SAS Viya on Azure, such as SAS Event Stream Processing, Azure IoT Edge, and Azure IoT Hub, which enable insights into real-time data analytics. SAS Intelligent Decisioning will enable decision making to obtain actionable information, and SAS Model Manager provides a platform to better manage the production of a large number of artificial intelligence models.

Please note that Microsoft and SAS have been collaborating for over two years to expand and combine the SAS product range in the cloud.

A partnership with Cosmo Tech for better supply chains

SAS is known for its partner network called the SAS Alliance. By allying itself with large technology companies, it seeks to integrate its offer into that of its partners in order to improve its technology portfolio. Recently, the company partnered with Cosmo Tech to address the challenges that may exist in global supply chains.

Leveraging the analytical capabilities of SAS and Cosmo Tech on simulation and digital twins in supply chains, the two companies will seek to offer their customers the means to rely on data and technology to build resilient supply chains.

By leveraging the digital twin concept to digitally replicate this supply chain to test its resilience to the unexpected, SAS and Cosmo Tech will develop a solution to build supply chains with a low risk of failure.

Digital twin

A solution using digital twins will allow future customers to test all possible and imaginable scenarios that can occur in a supply chain and thus collect all the data necessary to optimize the supply chain. Image: SAS.

The long-term objectives will be to maintain the quality of production, limit the waste of raw materials, control costs and production margins, but above all to anticipate risks to better manage any interruptions in the supply chain.

The combined technologies of SAS and Cosmo Tech allow customers to understand in real time not only how organizations behave, but also how they will behave, even in situations they have never experienced before. explains on stage Hugues de Bantel, co-founder and CEO of Cosmo Tech.

SAS 360 Match: How to compensate for the decline in the number of SVOD subscriptions?

For the first time in nearly 10 years, Netflix announced it had lost subscribers in the first quarter of 2022. We are seeing an increase in the abandonment and abandonment of video on demand services explains Steve Perks, Head of Advertising Technology for SAS. ” At the same time, we are seeing a shift to fully or partially ad-supported offerings He adds. Therefore, several video on demand (SVOD) services are considering offering a (partially or fully) advertising funded (AVOD) VOD offering, such as the one offered by Rakuten TV.

Rakuten TV

RakutenTV is one of the AVOD offerings available in France and also offers a paid VOD service. Screenshot: RakutenTV.

With this in mind, SAS decided to offer a solution to help these players implement appropriate monetization strategies. Referred to as SAS 360 Match, this cloud-based advertising delivery platform is integrated with its Customer Data Platform (CDP). It is thus possible to plan your marketing strategy, use technologies to optimize the customer journey (advertising, marketing engagement, conversion) to offer a wide variety of advertising products and economic models.

The solution was tested in particular on the media market in the Czech Republic: ” We have had tremendous success with the SAS 360 Match ad server in the Czech market, establishing partnerships with five of the top ten Czech publishers says Matej Novak, CTO of Cruxo and former CEO of the Czech Publisher Exchange.

Help children improve their baseball skills with the Batting Lab

Finally, SAS does not hesitate to take an interest in the world of sport. The company launched The Batting Lab, a huge, interactive, connected room dedicated to baseball batters. Using artificial intelligence, computer vision and Internet of Things (IoT) technologies, teams can analyze every move of a young baseball player to improve their shooting style.

The use of statistical data is now a requirement in many fields. I know I wouldn’t have a baseball front office career without an understanding of data and analytics explains Sig Mejdal, deputy general manager of the Baltimore Orioles, a US major league baseball team, a former NASA engineer and expert in sandblasting, a discipline that deals with statistics in the world of baseball. .

The batting workshop

During a joke, all the sensors and cameras in The Batting Lab collect nearly 50,000 data points. In a single session of around 50 swings, this can represent nearly 2.5 million analysable data points. Screenshot: SAS.

In the world of baseball, data has been used for several decades to recruit players based on their skills and specialties (best hitter, best catcher, best runner, etc.). It was thanks to Billy Beane, former general manager of the Oakland Athletics baseball team, that this recruiting strategy was popularized. She was also the protagonist of a film, Le Stratège, released in 2011.

All these announcements confirm the ambition of SAS: to make the most of new technologies (cloud, machine learning, artificial intelligence, computer vision, digital twin, simulation, etc.) to offer quality data analysis, at the service of its customers, so that they can make the right decisions.

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