What are the 3 Levers of Natural Referencing?

SEO or natural referencing on the web is based on 3 main principles, levers that allow content to work.

So that a website from their point of view visibility and popularity, attention should be paid to all aspects of its construction. It is therefore particularly important to pay attention to this Search Engine Optimization (SEO). But then why is it so important to get visitors to your website? Only because natural referencingSEO, allows the Google robot (among other things) to display your website or your pages and articles on Google searchesas a recommendation for users.

An SEO strategy is based on three big levers that enable your web productionshave views, leads. We will tell you more in this article. Let’s go !

What is natural referencing?

To start with the basics, it’s important that you fully understand them what is seo, before you know the levers. So, concretely, natural referencing, what is it? Total includes SEO all techniques that allow good referencing Your website, web pages and articles on search engines.

There are several ways to be correctly referenced on the internet, e.g have visitors. There is this one in particular sponsorship of your sites Web and articles or advertising on social networks. A paid service that puts your content at the top of searches.

But in this article we will focus on the so-called “natural” referencing, that is, all internal optimization techniques for your web content, without promotion. It affects only the results classified by the engine relevance algorithm. Natural referencing is based on several aspects that need to be checked before publishing each piece of content. Summarize :

  • The market on the Internet: Examination of search terms Use for a specific topic and adaptability of these editorial terms to the market.
  • Examination of the desired targets, the people. Adapt your content and words used to the selected target group.
  • That write content : a well referenced article with the appropriate wordsmarket-driven, with synonyms, expressions potentially used by users in Google searches to come across your content… All these things make your texts more readable because they appear more natural and higher in Google searches.
  • That content quality. There’s no point in just making catchy titles and shocking images. Click is important. But if your content isn’t original, unique and semantically interesting and at the most basic level, Google probably won’t rank you correctly. And that goes for ALL your web copy, including copy on the homepage, etc.
  • image optimization : Alternative texts, titles, photo quality… All these aspects are important.
Natural SEO referencing levers have more views on your website

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The 3 most important SEO levers explained

Finally, that SEO is a set of useful techniques to appear in search engines. Thus exists 3 main levers to build good natural referencing.

The technique

First, let’s talk about the technique. Taking the time to do it is important for good SEO Create your website and internet content. So, here are the points to think about:

  • Think the design of your website so that it is visually appealing and, above all, pleasant good quality. In fact, search engines refer to less well-constructed websites, even visually. Therefore, consider a legible, understandable product. Your audience should understand the purpose of your website, who it is to look at the entire website. In addition, you must have simple and not misleading navigationaccording to Google.
  • Also think about the resolution of your images, optimizing the visual content of your website adapts well to PC, tablet, mobile displayEtc.
  • take care fast loading your pages. Usually 3 seconds is a good result. Search engines don’t like slow pages, and neither do users.
  • Think of your site’s breadcrumb trail, theirs tree structure. It will be necessary to work on the internal structure of the site to be referenced. With titles, subtitles etc. In short, real consistency! All your pages and articles need to be structured, including your links (putting just enough), categories, etc. that internal network is very important for SEO and to gain traffic.
Natural SEO referencing levers have more views on your website

content and semantics

As important as technology the semantics of your pages must be impeccable to be well referenced. As explained above, your written content needs to be quality and streamlined.

  • Use Keywords adapted to your searched audience and to Google. An examination of research pools is therefore essential. Your words should always reflect the user’s request. Note that you must perform recurring clocks, because the keyword market is constantly changing. In other words: think” Customization of Your Content dependent on Google and user expectations”.
  • Your content must be qualitative. It must be unique, not published anywhere else, without copy-paste. The content should also be as exclusive as possible and answer user questions. Without new information or interest, Google won’t rank your pages well. So think Relevance for each publicationalso outside of the article.
  • in the same direction limit duplication Texts, URLs, images.
  • For a good SEO indicate the columns Note the markings H1, H2, etc. This markup allows the search engine to read your content and identify its relevance and the audience your content is aimed at.

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Popularity is just as important as the other two SEO levers presented. As a matter of fact, The more popular a website is, the more people refer to it. It’s a real virtuous circle. And often a strategy of mesh link and link building is paramount to telling the search engine that your site is popular. When other websites cite you and link to one of your pages, it means you are credible. That incoming links or backlinksHypertext links pointing to a site are then required.

  • Get several Links to your sitearranged on pages related to same theme as your site.
  • to have something links Link to your website Websites ranked by Google as popular or influential.

In summary, the levers of SEO:

  1. A fluid website and page design, pleasing to the eye and with simple and useful navigation
  2. Optimization of the display on mobile, PC, tablet + good page loading speed
  3. A good breadcrumb trail, good content structure, and appropriate internal networking
  4. Market research and keywords tailored to Google and your target users
  5. Unique and relevant written and visual content that answers readers’ questions
  6. No duplication of links, images, text, URLs + good markup (H1, H2, H3, etc.) clear and readable
  7. Links pointing to your site from sites that deal with the same subject as yours
  8. Get links pointing to your site from powerful, popular and influential sites

Now it’s your turn. The most important thing in SEO is to test and learn for yourself!

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