What are the benefits of social benefits in 2021?

Facebook, Instagram, TickTook, Pinterest, Reddit, Twitter, LinkedIn or Snapchat? What are your experiences of socializing in 2021 to communicate well and start your business? Response to infographics…

Time passed on the exploded social networks!

Seeing it first hand will give the world pandemic the current impact on the way we don’t use social media. He wishes to serve as a servant of principle and uniqueness, seeking and supporting the novelties and missions of the day. And sorry!

The health crisis will be strongly influenced by the way people use social networks for leisure in 2021. The time spent on social explosions, +46% between April 2019 and June 2020. Selon of the data of the Mediterranean, the French can spend three hours on the internet today in April 2020. such impact and engagement and place in a socially-adapted social media strategy.

This is a favorite for social media users in a slew of extra daytime missions and new features that capture and enjoy user impact such as: B. Spotlight de Snapchat, Twitter Fleet and the Clubhouse clone on Facebook. Other social research, like Pinterest, focuses on various missions on the day of announcing new trends that touch on consumer goods in terms of good manners, opportunity and efficiency.

So what is the reseaux to use socially in 2021?

Without further participation, answer in this infographic:


Like it Facebook or not, your customers are more receptive to being in one form or another, but this is one of the biggest social issues out there. Use Facebook as a link to connect your customers to your business and show them the places where they trust your brand and want to buy from you.


As part of the search for social media, Instagram helps you to find the users that are of interest to you. Cela cree un flux sur votre page d’accueil, affichant les Publications Recentes de tous ceux quou vous suivez. Mai’s Instagram is a must for everyone involved, it’s essential for businesses. Photo sharing application offers business opportunities to create free professional account to promote your brand and products. The companies that have professional accounts have access to free and impressive measures.

tick tock

With more than 2 billion downloads and more than a billion monthly active users, TikTok is considered one of the largest social media companies in the world in recent years. Consider the number of users of TikTok, it’s clear that it has an active marketing channel. TikTok is known to protect amassed users with snack video formats ranging from 15 seconds to 3 minutes and their Infinity interface. The quick and easy format should generally be aimed at Gen Z and Gen Y. For businesses, this means that TikTok can be a digital marketing strategy to reach more than one group of consumers.


Pinterest is unique. The content of the publisher of content that your audience can read on Pinterest do not publish, a clickable image and a short description. This is one of the platforms for creating digital marketing campaigns. It is ideal for brands that offer a tangible product, these are food and grocery brands, restaurants, e-commerce stores, etc.


Twitter is extremely fast and dynamic, a simple microblogging platform and easy to use. It contains an editor and a statute or a small mass for 240 characters and represents a source of information. The platform can be used, for example, for event day missions, company day missions or citations. With the limited authorization number, it is important that your tweet is attractive and sustainable. The hashtags are part of your Twitter account. Ces balises vos permettent d’attadre un public plus large que vos subscriptions en vmpli impulse dans des conversations existent.


LinkedIn differs from other social networks, which is particularly interesting for companies and professionals. Users use LinkedIn to present their professional experiences and professional reflections. Between the links associated with LinkedIn Pulse, the company’s pages, InMail, the groups, and being able to see your employee profile, LinkedIn is a tool that can only be used to generate traffic, but also to generate leads to to build a certified leadership, ainsi que pour recruiter.


Snapchat is an individual messaging application and a group that allows you to upload photos, videos and text messages that are available in a few seconds. It can be more functional, not only the stories (photos or videos can be found 24 hours a day), souvenirs (photos taken for visualization and a lot of future) and filters and autocollants (for embedding messages). Building a Snapchat brand presence is a great investment for business owners. Snapchat presents a clear branding opportunity for a bank of more than 229 million users who generate more than 10 billion videos a day.

Source: tech.co

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