What are the best free WordPress hosts?

As the world evolves, digital is becoming more and more important and becoming essential in many industries. The Internet therefore appears in today’s world as something we can no longer do without. Web hosting is a service that is an integral part of web actions. Therefore, it is critically important to have a clear understanding of the best WordPress hosts in order to be able to use them in web actions. What are the best free wordpress hosts?

What is a WordPress host?

To better understand the meaning of a WordPress host, you must first understand the meaning of web hosting. Therefore, web hosting is the fact of putting a website or web application under a server in order to make it accessible to everyone on the internet. Also, instead of doing it yourself, you can hand it over to a server. This server, which performs this task and offers many advantages, is therefore called a Web Host.

WordPress hostings are hostings that have been optimized for WordPress at the server level in order to ensure easy navigation. However, beyond the common server features, WordPress can run on shared servers.

What are the types of WordPress hosting?

Web hosting is varied and varied in price and features. So each type of accommodation has its own characteristics. As a type of accommodation we can mention for example:

  • Shared hosting, or just web hosting.
  • WordPress hosting
  • VPS hosting
  • Dedicated hosting
  • cloud hosting

All these types of wordpress hosting have different functions and features.

What makes WordPress hosting special?

WordPress hosting is a simple platform that is very optimized to manage and create WordPress sites as well. In fact, it offers you the security and acceleration of the sites. WordPress offers you countless features that help you in your web actions. As a peculiarity we can mention among others:

  • Caching for performance improvement
  • The basic automatic WordPress update
  • Strengthening security
  • Automatic installation of the latest version of WordPress in the root directory
  • Access to sSTP and MYAdmin
  • Automatic backup every day (30 days)
  • The inclusion of SSL on a site to improve security.

All its peculiarities favor the evolution of your web actions.

How to choose the right WordPress host?

Choosing your WordPress host carefully is of paramount importance to your web actions. In fact, to make your choice you have to check five essential criteria, namely:

  • General performance so that the hosting meets the standards of a basic configuration;
  • Protection and security to ensure the security of your data;
  • Automatic and regular backups to ensure daily data backup;
  • The speed of the server;
  • Ease of use.

Taking these different criteria into account, you can opt for the best WordPress host.

Why should you opt for a specialized WordPress host?

A specialized WordPress host is the next level of WordPress hosting, unlike just WP installers. In fact, opting for a specialized WordPress host means choosing simple, efficient, secure and fast solutions. This allows you to get the most out of WordPress.

With this, you have the ease of managing simplification, creation and performance optimization. On the other hand, generalist hosts don’t have the ability to do this.

What are the best WordPress hosting?

WordPress hosts are ranked based on speed, storage, ease of use, and customer support. Among the best wordpress hosts, we can mention for example:

The Terra website

Recommended by wordpress.org, this server is very efficient and very versatile. It offers absolute security with a good loading speed which makes it easy to create your site.

The BlueHost website

The BlueHost site is full of the same qualities as the previous one. It loads very fast. It also differs from the Ground site in its slow customer support.

WP Server

It stands out from the rest by its adoption by freelance bloggers due to the near-premium features it has. Which makes its starting price higher. WP Server is a French host entirely dedicated to WordPress.


A2 Hosting

This host remains difficult to compete in terms of multiplicity. Being free, it offers a suite of information on the site without hindering the hitherto unbeatable loading speed. The plans offered include a special package that includes advanced DDOS protection, Dual Web Hosting firewall and Barracuda spam filter.


Although it has entered the market recently, Kinsta has managed to rise to the top of WordPress hosts. Many factors earned him this place. He is, in fact, particularly interested in companies and companies with a high-end positioning. In terms of security and performance, this hosting is in full swing. Its performance is at 98. This promotes data security and a better quality of its services.

O2 switch

It is a French hosting with data centers all in France. It is quite powerful and very useful for Belgian, Swiss and French internet users. It features flawless reliability thanks to multiple hardware and software. Using management panels, it offers a simplified management space for all sites. The number of FTP accounts and disk space are unlimited. As soon as you sign up for this hosting, WordPress offers you the SSL certificate which is essential for security. This may be suitable for all users, as it is a low-cost option. One way or another, with its best hosts, you can now guarantee the evolution of your web actions.

What is included in the offer when you choose free WordPress hosting?

Taking advantage of the services of a web host for free is very practical when you want promote your site, and make it available to everyone. If you opt for the free web server for wordpress, you will be able to take advantage of ita large number of different plugins, but not only. Here are the benefits of opting for the free WordPress offer.

Dozens of free themes, an e-commerce service

By opting for free WordPress hosting, you can Take advantage of dozens of themes for your site. The themes are elegant and professional, which allows you to beautify your site while ensuring a rewarding image for your business. You can also insert the plugin that will allow your customers to do this pay directly from the siteyou can integrate a credit card payment system, but also with Paypal.

Adding a map of Maps and a contact form

In order for your customers to contact you quickly, you have the option of adding a “contact form” plugin that will allow you to easily receive your customers’ inquiries. Also, you can add a Google Maps map to your form so we can do that easily located.

A maintenance service to take the time to create your site

If you want to take the time to create your page, you have the option to put your site into maintenance and create a waiting page which will be temporary. This is ideal if the website you are setting up is relatively complex. There is still many other possibilities to customize your site with free wordpress host. To find out, you just have to go to their website and contact the services.

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