What are the main blocks and sections of the LinkedIn profile?

With this debut, LinkedIn is a simple resume manager, nothing more! On y deposit le sien et l’on Attendait de voir. Well, the functionality and know-how of the numerical platform aujourd’hui.

Malgré tout, le sens premier de LinkedIn n’a pas completeno disparu. The profile part includes a panel as a variation of the CV, but well designed and with several functions that can be considered as possible.

Car améliorer is a LinkedIn profile, c’esttirer parti de la force de frappe de ce réseau social. I want to open the possibilities for work, cooperation, missions.

So I don’t want to be ignored for those who live together go on LinkedIn. We must read this article, comment and create a permanent and professional profile.

For more information I have divided it into 3 blocks:

  • the skin block
  • the milieu block
  • the bass block

The debutant of the party is the most visible of the iceberg, the apartment block.

1. LinkedIn profile : The block in the high part

Without the party plus the important profile. Auto c’est elle que vos visiteurs verront en premier. And as a friend of mine: «Nou n’avons qu’une seule chance to make a first-class good impression! ». Comment on the cover photo

cover photo LinkedIn

I am very surprised to find you LinkedIn profiles without a cover photo (with only the blocked link on LinkedIn). Very franchise, this is a great experience! Please contact your visitor for the first time in a row. It will be redesigned!

Alors prenez le temps d’en choisir une, avec laquelle vous êtes à l’aise. C’est-à-dire, que vous aimez voir quand vous respectez your profile. You don’t want to be able to do what you want to do to come back.

This photo must be taken into account by your field of activity. It can be a passion or a strong image. With or without text to see you. You can and will write your value proposition, vision, words or phrase that suits you.

If you want to enter the text, you should not be able to download your profile photo (on the phone as a portable phone). The size of the cover image is 1584 x 396 pixels. To make sure the picture frame is safe, don’t hesitate to use Canva’s example.

Profile picture from LinkedIn

If you have a classic CV, you have to post a photo on LinkedIn in return for this capital.

This premiere was chosen to get you started and this stage is the capital of your break. It fav quet cette photo vous resemble. la Profile picture from LinkedIn It is the goal that you can differentiate yourself from others, in particular it will be the number of profiles that I have on this website. Snap a fresh and beautiful photo for you.

They must be natural and present a professional aspect. The profile photo is crisp and clear. Il ne faut pas qu’elle soit floue ou mal cadrée. It is best to take a professional photo with you or hire a photographer. This is a gift plus an elaboration or class.

You can also play with the consistency between your cover banner and your profile photo.

To see what you have to do with the Creator mode (see Plus Bass), you can enjoy your photo through a short video presentation on your mobile phone.

Le titre de son profile LinkedIn

The title of your LinkedIn profile Be it not describing your competencies or solving a problem for your future client, you also have a title that matches your goal. Think of the car making it difficult which is why he chose to erase and stab.

This is important, it is one of the first decisions made by the gens vont lire. It doesn’t avoid using too many titles and too many flowers. It makes it easy to understand and remember.

If you miss the idea, answer these questions:

  • Who will help you (your son)?
  • How to benefit from the solution (the solution)?
  • Which way (methodology, procedure)?

They can help with some strategic goals.

And to add a touch of originality, use YayText, for example.

2. LinkedIn profile : The central block

The central part of a LinkedIn profile It’s a dynamic part as there isn’t just the content governed by the active profiles.

LinkedIn section: Info

It’s the reaction of the reactor! You should be able to define that, know your skills and do your best.

However, this section is passable in the second plan “Your activity”, the most interested people and the information you need. It doesn’t use the art of copywriting and storytelling.

For example, if you are looking for a job or position, you can use the following paragraphs:

  • Paragraph 1 – Call forth your strategic expertise
  • Paragraph 2 – Who you are, your story, your course
  • Paragraph 3 – the little one who can do a lot (skills or knowledge)
  • Paragraph 4 – an appeal to the action to contact you (e-mail, phone number). Avoid the URL that doesn’t click on those clicks.

Well, the paragraphs and sentences of the sentences dovent s’adapter à votre profil, votre cible et le message quou vous souhaitez faire passer.

Be sure to check the order on your phone.

LinkedIn section: content selection

With the “Activity” section (see below) this is a link you have on LinkedIn. I want to find you the content of the platform. We have already seen a previous article noting the introduction of a poster for this year 7 LinkedIn Poster Content Types.

In this area you can select publications (contributions, articles, media and informative newsletters). This is not the strength of the last varieties! You can be very imaginative, read your publications on a specific topic, on writing and persistent “content selection”. Get imaginative.

LinkedIn section: activities

The Activity section automatically places your questions and gestures on the numeric platform. Your publications, your posts, your articles, your newsletter, but also your interactions with other profiles (likes, comments ().

I want to send a profile with no activity to a profile with no life and then I can give the user a plus.

Ces deux dernières rubriques en disent beaucoup sur vous. Et moi le premier, je n’hésite pas à parcourir l’activité d’un utilisateur pour en savoir plus.

LinkedIn section: statistics

This is a space you deserve and private. You find:

  • the number of your profile views
  • the number of impressions of your last post
  • the number of applications in the search results

LinkedIn section: resources

Another end of the platform.

On y trouve:

  • the creator mode (they are recommended by the owner for better visibility),
  • my decision (to find new relationships),
  • Activity (quickly racing for your presence on the platform)
  • My articles (for your job offers or registered mail)
  • info (to compare with other profiles in your industry)

Mais je ne m’attarderai pas sur ces deux derniers paragraphes, car ces espaces ne sont visibles que par vous-même. Here we go Upgrading your LinkedIn profile.

Et pour cela, ne négligez pas la dernière partie, celle que je nomme “le bloc du bas”.

3. LinkedIn profile: The bass block

The last link LinkedIn can be used to meet the curious visitors who you are, the person who is suitable for a mission, an offer or a collaboration.

On y retrouve les “grands klasiques” du CV traditionalnel.

LinkedIn section: experiences

The experience area It is up to you to present all your professional experiences. The companies that work with you, the role you and you played, the effective missions, etc. if possible.

If you have no professional experience, you cannot report your stages as examples. There are good chances for you to live again.

LinkedIn section: formations

The name of the section about the native language! Suivies formations and the schools on the trees you pass.

N’omettez pas d’indiquer des formations qui sortent quelque peu du champ professionalnel, mais qui peuvent apporter une valeur ajoutée. It is also among other formations of prime formations.

Experiences, training, certifications, etc ... on LinkedIn

LinkedIn section: projects

The Projects section To present projects plus employees, as an investment in non-profit associations or non-profitable campaigns. You can also support the organization of a festival or any other event.

This section is part of the image of a person engaged in missions.

LinkedIn section: Licenses and Certifications

In this part you have passed the certifications appropriate to your field of activity. Plus usually online, signed.

From my Côté I enroll my certification obtenue d’Hootsuite Pro.

LinkedIn section: Competences and Recommendations

It sells very well, but there are more people who like the font for you.

This is the day in the “Recommendations” party LinkedIn section very important. To parallel marketing, this is your social preview or a Google ad.

Une fois, la mission terminée, prenez le temps de demander à votre client ou votre Collaboration, de laisser quelques mots à votre égard.

Here are the family recommendations (belle-maman, papi, mamie ().

The Skills, Competencies, and Recommendations sections of LinkedIn

LinkedIn section: internet center

And finally, the “Internet” section. You can present the centers of interest and share the links to the websites that interest you.

4 parties offered in:

  • LinkedIn influencer (Personalities on LinkedIn)
  • company
  • group
  • schools

For some cases, it’s a good day.


Think of your LinkedIn profile as your showcase. She will invite you to go to the door of the store, sir plus loin. Include a visitor who will contact you and collaborate with you.

Imagine a magazine devastation with mannequins of us, the presentations of life, an impression of laisser-aller? If this is the case I will tell you that you will be happy.

In the numerical world it is identical. Find the different facets of your space. Cover photo, profile photo, editorial photo.

In the country of the milieu your activity, your information and all other elements.

But that’s not all. This room is a room. A regular publication strategy is another. All this, of course, to create opportunities for a professional social network. L’un ne va pas sans l’autre.

Croyez-moi, vous avez all interest à vous montrer sous votre meilleur profile.

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