what are the main marketing trends to follow in 2022?

Creating an effective marketing strategy requires paying attention to what’s new in social platforms, emerging marketing methods, and changing consumer behavior. This is an essential step to adequately meet their needs and achieve brand development. In a brand new study, Meltwater, a global leader in media intelligence, reveals thirteen major marketing trends you can rely on for a successful marketing strategy in 2022.

Social shopping, a real boom on social platforms

A new practice has been developing for several years: social shopping. In concrete terms, it is a question of making direct purchases on social networks. Social shopping developed significantly during confinement, a time when it was impossible to go to the store to shop.

In the same category

Video streaming ad spend grew 57% in 2021


The proliferation of new features on social networks also contributed to its disclosure. By collecting this whitepaper, you will learn about the new buying methods introduced by Pinterest and Instagram. It might be wise to use these new features to give your marketing strategy a new twist.

By studying this market we realize that 52% of people on social platforms have already made a purchase through social networks. “Explains Mandy Landauer, Marketing Director of Meltwater. The ability to shop from home or anywhere else is a strong attraction for consumers. In some cases, they can even try products through filters.

For many brands, social shopping has become a central component of their marketing strategy. Increase your conversion rate, your sales and therefore your income. The ebook reveals that Taobao, China’s largest online retailer, generated over $ 61 billion in revenue in 2021 from its livestream channel.

Influencer marketing continues to grow

With the development of social networks, influencers become essential players in the development of brands. ” Today we influence marketing differently, it is an industry that is becoming more and more professional. Today we are witnessing a shift in brand-level expectations. We are more simply looking for visibility, but also for return on investment (ROI) “Says Mandy Landauer.

To do this, companies are mainly targeting micro-influencers. The latter have very privileged links with their public, which is very attentive to their recommendations. This is a considerable advantage, as consumers are more than ever looking for transparency and closeness. By downloading this study, you will learn more about the rise of micro-influencers. You will also discover the challenges facing brands to meet the emerging needs of internet users for authenticity and diversity.


More inclusive and aware ads

Consumers increasingly seek to adhere to a brand’s values ​​rather than its products. They want to be able to recognize themselves in what he conveys and in his speech. Faced with these growing needs, the entire advertising sector is gradually changing its paradigm. The goal: to be socially aware and inclusive and to take into account the growing problem of mental health. ” This is a change brought about by future generations, Y and Z. This is a trend that we see reflected in social networks “Says Mandy Landauer.

Several companies have already implemented actions to advance this new narrative. In early 2021, Pinterest banned all weight loss ads within its platform. This measure was taken following a worrying trend towards unhealthy eating, intensified by periods of imprisonment and the negative impact of social media on self-esteem.

By downloading this white paper, you will also learn about YouTube or Pinterest’s measures for mental health. For Meltwater experts, there is no doubt that more and more forward-thinking marketers will take these kinds of measures.

At a time when society is undergoing major changes, it is therefore essential to rethink its marketing and communication strategies so that they are more transparent, diversified and aware.

Ten other dynamics need to be discovered in this study:

  • Social audio;
  • live shopping;
  • The battle of the creators;
  • The video on Instagram;
  • Tic knock;
  • The metaverse;
  • Augmented reality;
  • Hybrid events;
  • Consumer personalization and targeting;
  • Thought leadership.

To learn all about trends and understand how to actually incorporate some of these great ideas into your marketing strategy, be sure to download the Meltwater white paper.


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