What are the most popular destinations in France?

LinkedIn devoile son nouveau rapport sur les metiers les plus demands in France:

Meters of the distribution, health and immobilization sectors are

In a demi-current market, demi-teinte, LinkedIn is the world’s largest professional restaurant and revolves around employers who know more about the strong fortress in France aujourd’hui.

Selon les LinkneIn data, the metrics of the distribution, health, real estate, logistics and education sectors, the font part of employment, do not need to be increased in France in recent days. So that the businesses continue to be connected to the adapter au mieux to the pandémie de Covid-19, the evolution of the needs of consumers and the needs of businesses in the cree of nouvelles opportunités d’emploi.

The 2021 LinkedIn Most Desirable Destinations Report is an activity-packed event with 15 job areas spanning a range of job opportunities and professions that are also recruiting during a pandemic. This report is based on the plus searches competencies, suggested positions and a possible career goal.

Les Metiers Plus requirements are defined as the categories of metrics do not have the recruitment cadence to make the best progress through the last day report from April 2020 to October 2020.

Fabienne Arata, Country Manager of LinkedIn France, said: Ainsi, les metiers des secter de la distribution, de la santé ou de l’immobilier font partie des plus demandés actuellement. I truly believe that developing skills is the best way to find a job or start a business. »

Top 15 sectors and counters in demand:

1. Supermarkets and retailers:
• More in demand counters: Commander cleaner, cashier, shopkeeper, conditional agent, shopkeeper.

2. Medical and special professions:
• Measuring devices of the most requested: Infirmier, Auxiliaire de soins cerfífie, Médecin, Pharmacien, Pharmacien hospitalier, Psychometrics.

3. Real estate:
• Sought-after: real estate agent, real estate agent, property manager, property promoter, property manager.

4. Personnel in healthcare facilities:
• Meters of the most demanded: medical assistant, dental assistant, assistant, specialist.

5. Logistics and Supply Chain:
• Sought-after: Logistician, logistics assistant, warehouse manager, logistics manager.

6. Aide aux personnes jagées:
• More need counters: self-help, retirement home managers.

7. Toddlers:
• Meters more in demand: Auxiliaire de puericulture, Assistant maternel, Garde d’enfant.

8. Specialist and employee coaching:
• Sought-after: individual consultant, career consultant, professional coach, professional coach.

9. Sales and Business Development:
• More demand meters: car salesman, commercial dealership, responsible partnership, business fees, responsible business development, business fees.

10. Education:
• Meters of the most requested: subject teachers, early childhood educators, teacher advisors, school teachers.

11. Insurance:
• Counters of the most requested: insurance agents, audit judges, representatives of tax authorities, insurance consultants.

12. Health and well-being:
• Sought-after: sports trainer, physiotherapist, yoga teacher, nutritionist.

13. Social and digital marketing research:
• Sought-after: Responsible Marketing, Growth Hacker, Responsible Social Research, Responsible E-Marketing.

14. Technique:
• More Advanced Materials: Civil Engineer, Application Design, Functional Safety Engineer, QA Tester, Technical Advisor.

15. Artificial Intelligence (IA) and “Data Science”:
• Meters more in demand: Machine Learning Engineer, Data Science Expert.

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