What is the deadline for you?

TAXES 2022. The income tax filing period already ends next week for some taxpayers. Whether you file online or through the paper form, discover the calendar that awaits you.

[Mis à jour le lundi 16 mai 2022 à 08h43] Have you taken the time to complete your 2022 tax return? The first deadline is Tuesday, May 24. These are non-resident taxpayers and those who use the online form, residing in departments numbered from 01 to 19. Due to the late submission of the paper form, the tax administration has agreed to postpone the deadline for tax households that use the tax on paper return. The deadline is Tuesday, May 31, the same time as filing online for departments numbered 20 through 55. The final tax deadline is Wednesday, June 8. If the income tax has been deducted directly at the source for some years, the income declaration is still mandatory. It allows the tax authorities to establish the amount of tax for which you are responsible for the fiscal year. In view of what you paid via withholding at source last year, the tax authorities determine whether or not you must pay a balance of income tax in September 2022. The taxes are transmitted from the end of July.

Completing your tax return can sometimes be very complicated. Various people can help you, starting with the tax authorities: either by phone at 0 809 401 401 (Monday to Friday from 8:30 a.m. to 7 p.m.), either through your secure messaging. You also have the possibility, from your personal space, to request an appointment with a prosecutor, at your public finance center, for example. Are you looking for another contact to guide you on certain very specific devices? There are many:

  • Counters: The Order of these professionals renews, like every year, its “Hello taxes” operation, from May 19 to 25. A toll-free number will be available on these days at 0 800 06 54 32.
  • your banker : it will not make your income statement, but it can, at least, guide you to the taxation of the savings products that it has marketed to you, for example.
  • a tax attorney : If you live in Paris, please note that the tax lawyers of the Paris Bar Association welcome taxpayers in various district town halls from May 5.
  • A wealth management advisor : Their help can be invaluable if your situation is complex.

The deadlines for declaring income online vary according to the number of the taxpayer’s apartment of residence:

  • from 01 to 19 and non-residents (zone 1): Tuesday, May 24, 2022, 11:59 p.m.
  • from 20 to 54 years old (zone 2) and taxpayers using the paper form: Tuesday May 31, 2022 at 11:59 p.m.
  • from 55 to 974/976 (zone 3): Wednesday June 8, 2022 at 11:59 p.m.

Have you already completed your 2022 tax return, but realize you made a mistake? Do not panic, you have the possibility to modify your declaration until the established deadline. On the other hand, out of time, you risk seeing an increase in the amount of your income tax. Note: Tax notices will be sent between July 25 and August 5 for taxpayers who file their income online, and between July 29 and August 31 for those who have filed on paper.

Since 2019, online tax filing is mandatory for everyone whose primary residence has internet access. However, the tax administration shows Tolerant with taxpayers who believe they can’t file online:

  • those whose primary residence is not equipped with Internet access;
  • those who live in an area where there is no mobile service (white zone), are exempt from the obligation to declare their income online until 2024;
  • those who do not know how to use the Internet even if they have a connection;
  • those who are filing a tax return for the first time and who have not received a letter from the tax authorities with their identifiers to file their taxes online.

Submission of the 2022 tax return paper form began on April 6 and must be completed by April 25. So don’t be surprised if you haven’t received it yet. Like the online return, the “paper” return is pre-filled. vCheck if the information provided is correct. Otherwise, correct them in the white boxes provided for this purpose. yesif you have other income (commercial, liberal, agricultural, land …), rates or tax reductions to declare, fill them in. Certain income is the subject of a declaration attached to the basic declaration n°2042. Finally, sign your return and return it. vYou have until May 31 to send it, using the postmark as proof.

Where to send your statement? To the public finance center whose address is indicated on page 1 of the received form, before the filing deadline. If you don’t receive a tax return form, which happens when you file for the first time or when you’ve moved without forwarding your mail, you can download the forms from the tax website, or go to the public finance center at home To pick them up. The income statement is still mandatory, despite the deduction at source. Allows tax authorities to determine the total amount of tax for which you are responsible for the tax year, and thus, know if you have to pay a balance in the summer of 2022, or even if you must adjust your retention rate.

The declaration on the Internet is prefilled by the tax authorities with the marital status, the family situation and the wages and allowances indicated by the employers and social organizations. Who can declare online? Everyone, including 20-25 year olds who were previously part of their parents’ tax household and who are filing their income for the first time. Access the remote declaration service from your computer or start the application tax.gouv on your smartphone or tablet.

Login to your private space with your NIF and your password. For those who do not yet have a password, connect to the service using your tax number, your electronic filer number and your income tax reference to choose one. Since 2018, it is possible to connect to your secure space on the tax website thanks to FranceConnect.

Check if the marital status, address and preloaded amounts are correct. If not, correct them directly in the boxes. Note that the pre-filled return now shows the amount of tax already deducted at source the previous year. Finally, fill in any other income, expenses, and tax reductions or credits to which you are entitled.

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