What is the goal of Business Developer? Your role, your missions…

New goal, new challenge! The measure of the business developer dont le nom est emprunté à la langue anglaise (en raccourci «Bizdev») est également connu en français sous le nom de Responsable Développement.

Well, plus a commercial, it’s in one place for strategic action augmenter le ciffre d’affaires de son entreprise. A metric that is in full swing and invited by the company members.

Commercial and Business Developer, what about your features?

The Business Developer is a nice business strategy, but not a business! It has good function plus great…

Selon The Parisians« This is a measure of the event taking place within the framework of disparities in incompetent skills that are so great for the big companies that PME “And” This is a reliable Couteau-Suisse “Selon le site akimbo. It’s very interesting to be invited by the startups, but they still have to look for new customers, “bizdev” lui, that’s more. (Source: lesechos.fr).

What is the distinction of a classic commercial is constant Search for opportunistic news in the market to complement the code of conduct. In order to better use the strategy, it is possible to work with various business services to save Commerce, Marketing, Finance and Law.

Une fois le nouveau client repéré, son rôle est d’établir a relationship of trust with customers and Même si le contrat est signé, rien n’est encore joué! The business developer will not realize the project! It is onlys commerciaux qui reprenent la suite et gèrent la partie technico-commercial.

This is the distance that the business developer has qualified for a place in the contract. “The budget, the explicit comment on the offer and the review of customer requests,” said Ismail Himdi. (Source cadreemploi.fr).

Devenir Business Developer is “personal development”

Lorsqu’on deviant shop developerthe quality must be developed “that serves personal benefit” wydden. Ainsi, the names are good missing to thetest tel que le sens de l’écoute, la resilience, la remise en question, l’ouverture sur les autres, la Combat readiness, etc. Development is based on the ability to adapt plus the possibility of all new situations.

The most challenging permanent challenges in business developer is soy improvement. To illustrate that the limits of repatriation to Repusser-Positivement, mais aussi celles des other (clients and employees). He takes revenge for his days of achieving that goal.

Le Business Developer doit bien souvent se forger « a mental d’acier, car le metier est rude “Toujours d’apres wydden.

are you competent

You are competent « People, experts in the field of analysis, marketing and targeting the object that can be used to spread in the function of the sector or work and have a global vision of the sector “(Source: video image)

Much is published « a Business Developer in a Bureau, nea ne sert à rien, il doit être sur le terrain. But for a business developer. it’s about information “(Source: cadremploi.fr)

  • strategic idea,
  • Negotiation,
  • ability to analyze and anticipate,
  • suggestion force.

Infographics: business developer

Synthetic Portrait « Who are you? »You Business Developer from ISM (Institut Supérieur du Marketing). The business developer in a few words: « Recognize the new opportunities for the crisis of a structure on the way of participating in the crisis of the code of affairs. »

Business Developers
Chiffres clefs, Métier Business Developer (source: blog.ism.fr)

The right:

  • Do you have real activities on the activity sector to lequel the exercise,
  • Be curious about the latest innovations and new methods,
  • 90% of the business developer’s work stays in stock. The dot is the partner of partners and the market to find the best deals!
  • save business,
  • analyzer and market,
  • Master the different aspects of technical techniques,
  • Be resourceful to find new stories from the Geneva Business Code.

Are you of the highest quality?

  • entrepreneurship,
  • Creative,
  • Strategies, (or even the numbers ..)
  • relationship and autonomy,
  • Ecoute.

An engine for the company

La Finesse du metier de Business Developer resides in sa capacity a trouver of new strategigi qu’il detecte d’ailleurs sur le terrain. It tends to be an element important for the company car the shoulder of the silver! It has capacity to find new markets, products, chickens and partners, as well as a reliable business pillar.

Enfin, the business developer, is more of a hybrid between my action and my reflection. He is not a leader and fighter pilot of commercial teams.

Which school?

To make a career in this world, the royal journey of pouring and gifting is the subject of training in a trade school, level Bac +3 or Bac + 5. If this is not the case, a diploma in engineering can be convened to form a good qualification base. No matter what formations begin to develop, neoma-bs.fr, euridis-ecole.com.

Devenir Business Developer aujourd’hui is a real opportunity opportunity. In the sales market, 40% of the sales offer fulfilled the sales and business development measure (source akimbo).

The salary of the business developer

At the beginning of their career, they have a total of €2,900 gross per month at their disposal. (€45,000 for a young jusqu’à profile for 3 years). A total of 4 years experience for a confirmed and up to 8 years Business Developer can add up to €60. In 8 years the business dev. deviant senior and peut receive a salary of 90 K € en moyenne.

Les evolutions possible as a business developer

In terms of development, a distinction can be made between the Chief of Project Innovation, the Commercial Director, the Responsible Partnerships or another Business Director as the General Manager of a company. This is a post that offers poor career goals development.

The content of Business Developer in the video

Find 2 videos of Oh My Job and Cadre Emploi which you can find in the profile of 2 Business Developer. Counting only takes a few minutes.

Guillaume for Oh My Bob! Business Developers

Guillaume: Develop the business and all the important points of the day.

Ismail pour Cadre Emploi: Business Developer

Ismail: He is not a business developer!

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