What is their content strategy on LinkedIn?

LinkedIn knows the current record of engagement levels. Cela a suscité l’intérêt de nombreuses marques, quie cherchent desormais à mettre davantage l’accent sur le reseau social profesionanel. But what works on LinkedIn? What are your thoughts on your content marketing strategy and your social media strategy on LinkedIn? What’s the Best LinkedIn Content Strategy for B2B Marketing?

LinkedIn, a powerful tool in B2B marketing

Pendant longtemps, LinkedIn and considers this a search engine. Corn plus caretaker. It’s a great way to get into B2B marketing.

If you work in B2B, LinkedIn is a gold mine! The platform has arithmetically 675 million users in more than 200 countries, these users are in the majority of professions in all industries.

This link on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram is the motto “professional”.

Lorsque You can find out about these platforms, you can help people with professionals. And besides the fact that you can determine the situation at the decision-makers, 80% of the members are occupied with an exact post.

In B2B marketing on LinkedIn, you are directly responsible for the people you can mentor at the companies that interest you. The relationship you build with the person who is on LinkedIn is a strategic strategy of the moment or you must accept or accept this connection request.

The content native

With a unique and more professional approach to supporting other social networks, LinkedIn is also one of the #1 social services for professionals who are willing to accept their brand’s prominence in order to pay more attention.

Lorsque You work out the LinkedIn content strategies and what you put in place in the process of brainstorming the concept of your LinkedIn posts and protecting the stats:

  • 80% of B2B leads using LinkedIn as an example (vs. 13% on Twitter and 7% on Facebook) (Source: Findstack)
  • the receipts include a tax rate of 3.5% to 8.6% depending on the number of accounts
  • Other types of releases depend on 2.00%.
  • The documents generated three times more clicks than any other content on LinkedIn.
  • LinkedIn click-through rates for all content types will be 2.20% in 2022.

pictures and videos

It has been proven that LinkedIn content type is more diverse than page function. For high profile profiles:

  • Images generated by interaction rates plus boosts (up to 4.06% of interactions per impression rate) for pages between 50 and 100,000 subscriptions;
  • Documents are generous and cost-effective per print plus the top 100 pages from 100,000 subscriptions.

It’s also 3.16% of LinkedIn’s impressions per impression on the LinkedIn score of 50,000 subscribers for the opportunity to get a 4.49% engagement rate per impression for video marketing.

This time, LinkedIn can share the videos in the user interface as the content of the terrain train. In turn, they are obsessed with impressions and more ways to interact with users on the platform.

Are you looking for videos on social media?

LinkedIn video search results

For LinkedIn clarity, the video vision rate is estimated at 14.46% of the average.

To maximize your LinkedIn content strategy, keep these key numbers in mind:

  • The videos of the top 5 accounts have a vision of plus vision: 17.18% per month;
  • The cost of the full price (between 10 and 50,000 subscriptions) includes one of the most important video videos: 11.29%.

For a company, the relationships on LinkedIn are like partners. LinkedIn B2B marketing is intelligent marketing. This is a record for engaging with your audience as well as generating faster and higher quality leads.

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Source: Social Insiders

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