What studies to do in Lyon?

Lyon is a pleasant and dynamic city which benefits from a good location.

This city in southeastern France is not far from the mountains and is bordered by the Saone and the Rhone. It is the third largest city in France, after Marseille and Paris.

Less than 2 hours from the capital by TGV, or 1h30 from Marseille, Lyon is very well served in terms of transport and roads.

Lyon is a young city where life is good for everyone and moreover, thanks to applications such as Hoodmaps.com, you can consult the most suitable places in Lyon based on your profile (tourist, student, family, etc.).

Lyon currently has 155,000 students and expects growth of 15 to 25% by 2030. We can also count 13 engineering schools.

Prepare for the Higher Diploma in Accounting and Management in a Preparation

high school of accountancy in Lyon

For many years, work-study training has gained importance in France. The advantage is to professionalise young people and acquire skills that others will not have.

The DSCG preparation it can be done in several ways, and to enroll in the DSCG in studio-work in Lyon, do it directly via the Internet.

Intensive preparation for the DSCG is offered by schools a few weeks before exams, but also in continuing education.

During his studies, the DSCG student will encounter the different main subjects: Management Control, Finance, Accounting and Taxation, Law and of course Business English.

The DSCG is a Master’s level degree and is offered on a work-study basis in many schools. The DSCG also allows you to benefit from a first professional experience.

The student signs an apprenticeship or professionalization contract with a company or an accounting firm.

The salary is calculated as a percentage of the SMIC and there is no need to find another student job.

During his work-study contract, the student will be able to perform many tasks. These activities can change over time.

The organization will be the point of honor of a student preparing this diploma in work-study, because it must combine the learning of his studies and the work foreseen in the company or in the company.

Preparation for the preparatory diploma at the end of the BAC is the best choice for the student in order to facilitate his entry into higher education and open him the opportunity to choose the specialties achieved in the 3rd year of studies in schools.

Do an MBA IT business manager in a high school

Great schools of Lyon

The MBA is a short and intensive training, but which allows you to acquire skills in different fields. This allows you to have a 360 ° view of the digital universe.

Students sometimes work on a project with other Master’s students.

In this case, they work in concert with DATA masters and marketing masters, which allows them to manage and position themselves as project managers, for example.

They will have a good knowledge of the subjects without being fundamentally specialists. Even if the beginning is not easy, the training offered in a Grande Ecole will allow the student to segment the different digital levers.

The MBA is a particularly formative training, and has a higher level, both professional and academic.

Here are some tips you should apply before entering an MBA:

  • choose your school correctly, it will be the sign that will appear on your CV,
  • enter the school network: is the school recognized? How close are they to businesses? How is it viewed by companies?
  • specialization: what is the best training for you and what is your level of professionalism? You will also have to study its ability to offer alternating rhythms, whether this is interesting or not for your well-being at work and in the company or company you will enter,
  • go to the establishments to immerse yourself and judge for yourself if the place and the atmosphere of the school satisfy you.

These steps are almost mandatory.

Move to technical professions through an engineering school

engineering school in Lyon

Integration an engineering school, you are training for the profession of the future. It is therefore difficult to get bored given the various professions and evolutions that are proposed to you for your future.
It is important to point out that engineering schools are open to everyone, technical professions no longer concern only men, even women. We note that in 2018 30% of engineers under 30 were women.
The choice of specialties is also possible for you, you will have to choose for example between the IS (engineering sciences) and the NSI (numerical and computer sciences).
Engineering school integrates at different levels: there are actually several ways to integrate an engineering school.
You can integrate it directly after the BAC, but also after a BTS, DUT or after a preparation. The most serene option would be to integrate a preparation, integrated in the school for 2 years, then finish the engineering cycle for 3 years.
Engineering schools can allow you to orient yourself on an international course, there are schools that offer courses abroad (you can choose to spend a full semester abroad via the school.) And there are schools that also offer double degrees.
The choice of schools is varied and varied.

Engineering sciences is an area of ​​excellence in French higher education. Today, they allow more than 800,000 engineers to work in fields as diverse as civil engineering, computer science, aeronautics, agronomy, electronics, transportation, health, energy, intelligence, or defense.

The city of Lyon offers significant professional opportunities. Its attractiveness and well-developed student life are its main strengths. Any student would dream of packing their bags there!

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