What training for the banking / insurance professions in Strasbourg?

The capital of Europe welcomes more than 50,000 students a year. They appreciate the quality of life and the richness of his education. From Bac + 2 to Bac + 5they found a course in Strasbourg that meets their expectations.

What specialties at the Bac for higher education in banking / insurance?

High school students enrolled in the General Baccalaureate have the choice of 13 specialties. Even if you are unsure of your choices, know that all internships offer benefits. However, two specialties are preferred by admission juries in specialized schools of the sector: mathematics and economics and social sciences (SES). “The interview can make a difference, acknowledges Amine Mhaijer, referent of the Bachelor Banking-Insurance sector at the Exchange College, a school of banking and insurance, which has a campus in Strasbourg. We mainly expect motivated students; it is then up to us to train them. “ To be admitted, the institutions also pass the tests (MCQ, general culture, etc.) and obviously consult the school reports.

BTS, BUT, Bachelor …: how to become a client advisor or banking advisor and work in the sector?

According to Amine Mahaijer, BTS training offer interesting possibilities if you wish to become a receptionist or contract manager. But for those considering a I work with more responsibilityas a client advisor or banking advisor, it is necessary prepare for a degree, so you get a Bac + 3 level. “ The one offered by Exchange College, the Bachelor Finance-Banking-Insurance, is accessible directly after the Bac or after a Bac + 2 training. And Amine Mahaijer to continue: the very specific sector of banking and insurance requires complex knowledge, which must be acquired as soon as possible to understand how companies operate. Make a plan immediately after the baccalaureate it seems the most sensible solution to me Students will immediately be immersed in management, negotiation, digital marketing, financial analysis or even financial products. “

If you choose the university to train in the field of banking insurance, you can do it opt for a GOAL (Legal careers; Management of companies and administrations; Marketing techniques, etc.), general license or professional license.

Pursuing a Master’s degree: what specializations in the banking-insurance sector?

Whether you have a bachelor’s degree or an MA, you can consider continuing your studies at the Master’s level at universities, business schools or specialized schools. “We offer 4 specialized Masters (Ms Insurance; Ms Wealth Management; Ms Investment Banking and Corporate Finance; Ms Management of Cryptocurrency, NFT and Meta-Assets), completes Amine Mahaijer. They are state recognized, registered with the RNCP and of course meet the expectations of recruiters because they were built with them. The skills acquired by the students make them highly sought after experts, whatever the chosen specialization. “

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Internship or work-study? Which formula for you?

All paths can be followed initially or alternatively. “It is also modular possible, Amine Mahaijer insists, starting and then ending its course alternately. This is what we offer, both in Bachelor and in Ms. Internships are formative but do not allow the same immersion in the company. And to get a job, if you passed the alternation box, put the odds on your side. It is not uncommon for our work-study students to have a job offer while they are still in school. “

Focus on Exchange College, a specialized school in Strasbourg

On the Strasbourg campus, the school offers a Bachelor’s (Bac + 3) and four Ms (Bac + 5) in banking and insurance. Professionalization courses that prepare, among other things, for the professions of broker, risk manager, general insurance agent, asset manager, insurance consultant. Professional speakers, immersive pedagogy, master classes, individualized support, work-study programs … enough to satisfy all ambitions and best prepare students for a great career in a particularly dynamic sector.

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