When the wine bottles come out, the consumer is good!


epuis que la fameuse Marianne n’est plus obligatory, des vignerons et négociants se passat de capsule de surbouchage. “This development is based on the need to ask questions about the usefulness of the capsule,” Announcement Morgane Le Breton, responsible for the marketing of the Jasse domain, 54 ha in the IGP Pays d’Oc, à Combaillaux (34). We are HVE and RSE (Social Responsibility of Companies) certified. These developments are sustainable and we can work on the eco-concept of our packaging. We were able to buy our bottles, reduce the number of labels, etc. Cette année, nous avons décidé de nous debarrasser de la coiffe de surbouchage pour deux cuvées de vins rouges: Vieilles Vignes et Atelier de la Jasse, un vin vinifié sans sulfites. »

A cup of tea. Private sales, these two references represent 5,000 times what the Domaine Jasse produced 1 million per year. Before you decide, Morgane Le Breton helps her clients through Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram. “I posted a photo of one of our bottles with and without the capsulesspecifically the young woman. Puis, are you asked? » In a big surprise, this bottle does not have to be the largest large number of votes. “Following this result, we made a second consecutive publication, explaining to our customers that we took into account the encapsulation of certain clues to generate less than a dozen”, enchaîne Morgane Le Breton. We just have new demand for choices between the two versions. This time, this one in the bottle without a capsule is more expensive than valid. » Depuis que les ventes des deux cuvées ont démarré, il n’y a eu aucun retour, ni reclamation.

The freens viennent davantage of the professional

“The brakes in the absence of capsules are an advantage for professionals who consume”, souligne Charles Lamboley, Marketing Manager at Vignerons Associates des Monts de Bourgogne. This association of cooperatives for the launch of Cerço, a range of eco-concucium from Cinq vines (Burgogne-Hautes-Côtes-de-Beaune en Rouge et Blanc, Bourgogne Aligoté, Mâcon Villages et Saint-Veran) and 80,000 Coll Conditional Dans des bouteilles hovercraft and non surfing capsule. “Before we start, we have our customers on social media to save their lives before they buy a bottle without a capsule in a cave or in our cave.” With 700 returns, 80% of respondents say “yes”. On this question, three quarters of the winegrowers in our union do not answer negatively. »

In the boutiques of Vignerons, linked to Monts de Bourgogne, consumers reasonably contradict the demarche car elle is vertuueuse for the environment. Authentic, the rest of the canton refers to these references all the less directly. «Nos Commerciaux et Nos Agents Qui Travailent Avec Le Réseau Traditionnel et La Grande Distribution Nous ont Déconseill de l’étendre à nos Marques Historique, Confie Charles Lamboley. These circuits are firmly connected to the surfactant capsule. »

It’s not Etienne Delannoy who disagrees. In three years this is a great cadre of the great distribution of the Dame Bleue-Fonds, a company that sells the wine of France’s wine and Loire Valley in GMS and CHR. «We started very quickly to dispose of the caps of our bottlesexplicit-t-il. We have a lot to do with our customers in 2020, most of them are not satisfied. The Craignaient that consumers don’t want to win. » That’s the whole thing. The launch of the franchise is on the assembly line, 25,000 in 2022. “We have agreed that our representatives will declare that the capsule is not recyclable, Debunk Etienne Delannoy. The available element besoin d’être rassurés sur l’acquittement des droits indirects, ce que nous avons fait. »

A demand for Biocoop

All questions are not yet free. “C’est Biocoop qui nous a demandé de pensioner les capsules de Certaines de nos gammes reférencées chez euxAnnouncement Magali Weiss, Marketing Manager of Jacques Frelin Vignobles, the organic wine specialist based in Montpellier (34). In the place of the capsule, you will need to indicate the logo “Rapportez-moi pour réemploi”. Auto l’objectif eussi d’inciter les consommateurs à recourner les bouteilles dans les magasins pour qu’elles soient reutilisées. »

But a second reason to include the company at the top of our range of bottles: the difficulties of valuation. «We have delayed missions due to missing capsules, Company Magali White. The supply contracts are in the last six months. » Les vignerons étant tous confrontés à cette pénurie, il is possible que d’autres tentent l’experience.

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