where and at what time to follow the conference?

SUMMER GAME FEST 2022. The summer video game season continues today with the Summer Game Fest 2022 edition. Three hours of American-style entertainment for what could be the event of the year.

Despite the cancellation of E3 this year, the summer video game season is in full swing in early June. In fact, the Summer Game Fest 2022 becomes the biggest event dedicated to the video game industry this year, enough to make its creator Geoff Keighley smile. This Thursday, the Summer Game Fest brings us its live show, more than three hours of game sequences, trailers, announcements of all kinds and above all something to make players from all over the world dream. The event will be broadcast live tonight at 8pm on the Game Awards YouTube page, but you can follow it live with us.


17:00 – What is the conference program?

The Summer Game Fest 2022 begins tonight with Kickoff Live, the official opening of the festival presented by Geoff Keighley, well-known animator and organizer of the event. The Kickoff Live will last 3 hours and will be followed one hour later by a lecture by Devolver Digital, publisher of Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout and Serious Sam, among others. You will then find Kickoff Live tonight from 8pm to 11pm (French time) and the Devolver conference at 12pm.

16:48 – What is the Summer Game Fest?

Created in 2020 by Geoff Keighley, the Summer Game Fest is defined as a multi-week festival dedicated to the video game industry. 100% digital since its creation during the first year of the coronavirus pandemic, the event soon became unmissable, thanks to its numerous and prestigious partners (Xbox, EA …), but also filling the void left by E3, canceled in 2020 and this year. Today, the Summer Game Fest is well on its way to establishing itself in the video game landscape and tonight’s event is arguably the biggest event of the year for gamers.

4:31 pm – Summer Game Fest live tonight at 8:00 pm

If you also want to follow the Summer Game Fest 2022 conference, you can find the live broadcast of the event live on the Game Awards YouTube page starting at 20:00 (French time) tonight. You can also watch the event directly from our page, above. The event is expected to last around three hours and will bring together several dozen partner publishers and developers.

16:17 – Hello and welcome to this live dedicated to the Summer Game Fest 2022

Today marks the start of serious things for the Summer Game Fest. After an impressive progress last week, the Geoff Keighley event brings us his lecture tonight. More than three hours of American-style show dedicated to the future of the video game industry, dozens of exhibitors from the largest game publishers in the world, trailers as if it were raining … Today promises to be busy, and to help you grasp the essential information event, we invite you to follow it live with us this Thursday.

The Summer Game Fest speech, presented by Geoff Keighley and streamed on The Game Awards Youtube and Twitch channels, airs Thursdays June 9, 2022 from 8pm, now French. On the schedule, a series of game presentations from many of the event’s partners, including 2K publishers, Capcom, EA, Activision Blizzard, Xbox and Bethesda.

The Summer Game Fest will be streamed live on the Youtube page of the Game Awards event. It will also be co-streamed on thegameawards Twitch channel. In order not to lose it, we advise you to subscribe to one of the two channels of your favorite platform. Anyway, you can also watch it live in the embedded video block below.

The Summer Game Fest conference will be broadcast live on Twitch and Youtube on Thursday 9 June 2022. The event schedule promises us that the show should run for 3 hours, from 8pm to 11pm French time. With dozens of partners announced, the conference should therefore be packed with video game trailers and presentations for the coming year!

In addition to the “Kick-off” conference on June 9, the Summer Game Fest is a festival of conferences lasting several days or even weeks that will allow various players in the video game industry to present, at their own pace, their productions for the next few months or years. The schedule is therefore impressive and the dates numerous. Below is a list of important dates for Summer Game Fest 2022.

The Summer Game Fest Conference Program:

  • June 9 – 8pm: Summer Game Fest
  • June 9 – 11:59 pm: Devolver Digital conference
  • June 10 – 7pm: Netflix gaming conference
  • June 10 – 9pm: Tribeca Games Spotlight
  • June 12 – 7pm: Xbox + Bethesda conference
  • June 12 – 9.30pm: PC Gaming Show
  • June 14 – midnight: Capcom conference
  • June 14 – 7:00 pm: Xbox + Bethesda “extended” conference.
  • June 21 – 18:00: presentation of the Multiversus game

Also this year, the Summer Game Fest was full of partners from the world of video games who will be in attendance to present their various games for the coming months and for the year 2023. The Xbox brand has also planned to broadcast not one but two conferences take the time to showcase its entire catalog of games, but also its cloud and subscription services. We also mention the PC Gaming Show which, like every year, will give pride of place to computer games, but also to the Capcom conference which should present the remake of Resident Evil 4 in more detail.

For years, video game enthusiasts have been meeting every year in June with E3, a show presented as the “high mass” of video games during which various producers and publishers presented their new upcoming products. For some time now, E3 has not been able to take place due to the health situation, so its direct competitor, the Summer Game Fest, has taken over. The Summer Game Fest is a festival organized on the Internet to amplify the influence of conferences organized by various video game publishers. This is a period of several days or even weeks during which many events are organized for the marketing departments of different video game brands to communicate their future productions. Each year, a major conference called “Summer Game Fest Kick Off” launches hostilities and then other conferences, also affiliated with the Summer Game Fest festival, are broadcast online.

What can we expect from the Summer Game Fest?

And many things. While Geoff Keighley has made it clear that we shouldn’t expect anything and everything tonight, we already know the event has some big announcements in store for us. We know in particular that Activision will attend the event and will present us the first images of Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 (the new, not the old). In addition, we can also expect news from The Callisto protocol, the original creation of Dead Space’s “dad”: Glen Schofield. There will therefore be what it takes for fans of shooter and horror games, but also for those of comics, since Warner Bros Games has confirmed its participation in the SGF, and could show us images of Gotham Knights this evening. In addition to these major projects, other more modest announcements will obviously be displayed, given that around thirty partners are expected to participate in the event.

A new presentation of Wonder: the midnight suns, Firaxis’ tactical RPG that promises an XCOM-like Marvel superhero sauce, will also be featured during the live Summer Game Fest. The event’s official Twitter account also mentioned it One Piece Odyssey, the role-playing game adapted from the hit manga saga, would also be featured during the live announcements. Something to please license fans, no doubt. Also note that it is during Sumer Game Fest that Frost Giant, a studio created by former Starcraft 2 developers, will present its next real-time strategy game.

What will we not see at the Summer Game Fest?

Even easier than speculating on what we might see there, knowing what we’re almost sure not to see tonight at the Summer Game Fest. Because Geoff Keighley himself has specified that one should not hope to see everything and anything during the three hours of the event. For example, it’s hard to imagine seeing Starfield images, as the Xbox and Bethesda projects will no doubt be reserved for this Sunday’s Xbox presentation night. Nor should we expect much from Nintendo or Sony, who traditionally reserve their own announcements for their own events.

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