Who are the most influential on LinkedIn?

Discover the results of the latest French edition of LinkedIn Top Voices, which recognizes personalities who combine my activity, my commitment and my subscription profit.

This is one of the top rated voices in Linkedin. In the French palms, the professional social network distinguishes the 10 influencers and the 25 members plus influencers on the platforms in France depending on their activity on the site (articles, sections, comments and videos) *. The JDN offers you exclusivity among the top 10 influencers program participants in 2020 (this year) on the list of the 25 most influential members (next).

Unsurprisingly, the 2020 ranking reflects the relevance of the school year shaped by the Corona crisis. “Beaucoup de professionalnels se soprimés sur la manière dont ils ont réagi à la crisis pour réorganiser leur activité. Michel-Edouard Leclerc The photos come directly from these supermarkets à emporter “, detaille au JDN Sandrine Chauvin, Editor-in-Chief LinkedIn Actualités. The President of the Group, E. Leclerc, was absent throughout 2020 to improve the first place of this ranking , which is still occupied by three of them.

On March 3rd of the panel, the moderator Jamy Gourmaud quantified the number of videos from the videos of Linkedin on the occasion of Linkedin to explain the regulations of the sea, to comment on the format of the sea or a comment from a microphone. A la 4e Place, the Prime Minister Jean Castex used a part of Linkedin for, among others, Rappeler les mesures mises en place par the government pour aider les companies impactées par la crisis.

The majority of the themes in line with Le Covid, donc, more than that. “Beaucoup de personnes ont pris la parole sur des tématiques déjà présentes avant la crisis, relève Sandrine Chauvin. Topics read in Nicolas Froissard, porte-parole groupe SOS, Pascale Brousse, fondatrice Trend Sourcing ou encore Bayram Tayari, fondateur d’On Lâche Rien, à l’initiative de l’operation “# 1semaine1cv”, and cours de laquelle l ‘entrepreneur social partagé le CV d’une personne en recherche d’emploi sur la plateforme, lui faisant ainsi profiter de son réseau. All three are among the 25 members of Linkedin in 2020 in the city of Paris Anne Hidalgo or the President of Ile-de-France Valérie Pécresse. See full list:

The 25 most influential people on Linkedin in France
noun function subjects
Jean Baptiste Alaize athlete Sports
Melanie Bigott Professional correction marketing and communication
Olivier Bogillot President Sanofi France health and social protection
Rodolphe Bouret Director General of the Hospital Center Valenciennes health and social protection
Pascale Brousse Fondatrice Trend Sourcing marketing and communication
Maxence Cordiez Energy and Research Engineer meetings and conferences
Yoanna Dallier Champion de France de Football Freestyle 2019-2020 Sports
Cecile Dejoux University Professor at Cnam and IA Specialist meetings and conferences
Virginie Deladande President Handicapower, Partner at Ylico meetings and conferences
Nicolas Dufourq General Director BPI France entrepreneurship and innovation
Karim Duval humorist Culture
Nicholas Frissard SOS Porte Parole Group Social and solidarity economy
Julia de Funes Conference, essayist, philosopher meetings and conferences
Anne Hidalgo Maire de Paris Economic and social consequences of Covid-19
Roseline Laloupe Fondatrice RH qui vous veut du bien RH
Bruno Le Maire Economy Minister Economic and social consequences of Covid-19
Helen Ly IT recruiter and recruiter RH
Jean Michel Monnot President of ALL INCLUSIVE RH
Steve Moradel BEMERSIVE co-founder Social and solidarity economy
Claire Mounier-Vehier Cardiologist CHU Lille, co-founder of Agir pour le Coeur des Femmes health and social protection
Valerie Pécresse President of the Ile-de-France region Economic and social consequences of Covid-19
Bayram Tayari Social Entrepreneur, Fundraiser On Lâche Rien Social and solidarity economy
Patrick Thomet Management of social action at Malakoff Humanis health and social protection
Patricia Wendling Conductor at H/F Human Factor RH

* In order to realize this ranking, Linkedin can have qualitative and quantitative indicators that indicate the engagement (reactions, comments and contributions to the content of each member), the frequency of publication and the increase in the number of subscriptions. The analysis period for the 2020 ranking is from October 1, 2019 to September 30, 2020. According to Microsoft, the topic of social exclusion in the study affects not only the participants in the campaigns or courses but also the self-employed in the brand.

The LinkedIn Influencers program in France includes a group of civil society figures, politicians, business leaders and athletes who regularly regulate the platforms and exchange news and engage in dialogue with the members of the platform. You will be selected by the LinkedIn editors upon the invitation and informed about a badge “In the Blue” or about the mention of “Influencer” in the profile. Plus the info here.

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