Why is email a powerful communication channel for customer acquisition?

Email, the first communication channel of a company

Every day more than 1.4 billion emails are sent in France, that is, an average of 40 emails sent by each of its employees! With an average open rate of 85%, email is a company’s primary communication channel.
While companies and major brands increasingly rely on a social media strategy to ensure their promotion and thus create links with a target audience. Email offers direct and personalized communication. Participates in the establishment of a relationship of trust between the members of a company and its recipients. Timeless email is 40 times more efficient than Facebook and Twitter at acquiring new customers. Easy to learn, it is used by all members of a company. Inviting your customers and prospects to discover your brand and your company through this medium is a simple way, accessible to everyone and much cheaper than any other communication channel. In fact, it is difficult to hire a community manager to answer questions from H24 customers, and the bots are still limited to basic exchanges. The latter also tend to undermine the patience of users due to the redundancy of their answers or questions. Also, it is easier for a user to find an email than a social media post or scroll through their SMS list. Email works particularly well in the context of loyalty or inbound marketing communication.

Create synergy with email and social media

Social networks are prevailing over emailing campaigns, but they cannot replace a one-to-one “direction” communication of the company. Social networks are essential to create and maintain a close relationship between the company and its customers, prospects, employees and partners. They are complementary to direct marketing with the sending of marketing emails and mailing campaigns. Another advantage of social networks is to penetrate the professional target audience through their private sphere. An interesting acquisition tactic since each of us is constantly on the lookout. The true success of a social media strategy is to build and unite a community. The interactions multiply and a buzz becomes possible.

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Email, the star of direct marketing!

We mention it below, email is a simple and effective means of communication. Direct marketing, which can be called “targeted selling”, consists of proposing targeted offers not yet expressed by your customers. In fact, the idea is to anticipate their needs with specific content. The approach requires regular communication about the company’s missions, professions and services. As soon as the need becomes a reality for your client, he will remember that you are capable of satisfying it and will know how to contact you.

Email Marketing Test

Email marketing consists of a personalized core message and a second “message” in the form of an email signature with a banner. The advantage is that the ad is not intrusive even if it is clearly visible! Messaging editors, such as Outlook or Gmail, do not offer great possibilities to create professional email signatures. And above all, they do not allow automating them to all the messaging accounts of a company. However, this option would facilitate the distribution of communication campaigns. Going through an email signature editor is a good alternative. Some offer free subscriptions to test their platform.
Here are examples of campaigns to promote:

  • product launch
  • Participation in an event
  • Promote a blog post about a business experience
  • Retransmit an article from an influencer or media outlet that talks about your business
  • Promoting your social networks
  • promotional offer

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