Why SEO References?

Getting a website online is just the beginning of the journey. Once this first step is taken, you must maintain its good positioning in search engines to generate traffic and increase your income. To help you through this process, Fiverr, a platform for freelance services for businesses, presents SEO consultants ready to assist you.

What is SEO referencing?

Search engine optimization, better known as SEO referencing, according to its exact name, brings together a set of strategies aimed at improving the position of your website’s pages in search engines. The higher your website’s ranking, the more likely you are to increase traffic and potentially convert the internet user into a consumer.

First appearing properly in 1997, the term SEO is now well known to businesses who have understood that the stakes are high if they want to retain their customers and remain in the “top” results.

Unlike SEA referencing, SEO is a free optimization technique called “natural referencing”. Although some SEO tools are paid to take full advantage of their power, SEO is still a technique accessible to everyone. SEA, the term for search engine advertising, is based on advertising.

How can you improve your website’s SEO referencing?

SEO referencing is not based on one, but on a set of techniques. Of course you can only use one, but setting them up together and using them well can only enhance your natural referencing.

Study the keywords

Natural referencing is essentially based on the use of keywords. The result is a careful study of the most searched words on the internet and the words they are associated with, depending on the topic. So when you write articles for a blog, it’s important to define a list of major and minor keywords to include in your text to improve referencing.

But be careful, it’s not because a secondary word connected to your noun is highly coveted that it will inevitably increase your positioning. Note that a more precise and less searched word will set you apart from the competition and therefore allow your webpage to show up at the top of the list with a more specific query.

Conduct an SEO audit

The SEO audit is a kind of inspection of your website to check its technical performance (responsive mode, loading speed, etc.). During this audit, you will also conduct competitive intelligence to position yourself on your market and your competitors.

The audit is therefore very important, because only after you have detailed and understood the weaknesses of your website, you can introduce new strategies to fix the deficiencies.

Optimize your website plan

It is not enough to study the technical performance of your website! In order to optimize its positioning in search engines, it must have a clear and structured tree structure that is understandable for algorithms.

To help you with this step, don’t hesitate to set up personas and define the journey of the typical user on your website.

What tools are there to study the SEO positioning of your website?

Once your strategies are set, you need to analyze their performance in terms of traffic to your website, acquisition of new customers, SEO positioning, etc. Several tools, notably offered by Google, will help you understand where you stand.

Google Analytics

With Google Analytics, you can understand the profile of your Internet users: their age, nationality, time spent on your site, devices used (size, model) or operating system used.

Google Search Console

Google Search Console works hand in hand with Google Analytics as it tells you how visitors got to your website. You can also see the number of clicks and the positioning of your pages in the results.

Google Tag Manager

Thanks to Google Tag Manager, you can understand how Internet users interact on your website. What call-to-action buttons are used? Are the forms filled out? Which pages of the website are visited the most? …

Therefore, depending on your strategies, competition, and goals, you must judge for yourself which tools are best for your situation.

So SEO needs time and perseverance in the long term to always stay at the “top” of the results.

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