why the biggest French e-merchants use it for their SEO

Intermarché, Carrefour, Leroy Merlin, La Redoute, LVMH or Kering use Pinterest to promote and sell their products. This free lever remains a powerful SEO weapon!

Intermarché, Carrefour, Leroy Merlin, La Redoute, LVMH or Kering use Pinterest to promote and sell their products through this social network. This free lever is positioned as a leader in inspiring future buyers. Several benefits can be gained in natural referencing (SEO) because even if the links are nofollow, there are other benefits that can be gained in natural referencing.

Pinterest is an inspirational social network that allows you to find ideas in different fields, including decoration, fashion or design as a whole. This channel is both a social network and a visual search engine, but also an independent digital marketing lever. Almost all major online retailers (17 of the 20 largest advertisers in France are present on Pinterest) share their products on this network to generate additional sales and visibility in this dominant social space in their industry.

Most social networks primarily provide marketing benefits: awareness, traffic, engagement, mentions, and sometimes links. The benefits they bring to natural referencing remain secondary.

However, there is a positive correlation between the number of social network shares and a page’s positions, although Google has never confirmed the use of these signals in its algorithm.

There are several SEO benefits for an e-merchant to be on Pinterest.

First, the visibility in the SERPS

In fact, it’s possible for internet users to search for your products on Pinterest at the same time as your product page on your website.

Example of a Pinterest strategy at Leroy Merlin

With this dual visibility, you can increase the likelihood that users who land on your site will convert. A good positioning on Pinterest, but also on Google, ensures double visibility, which allows you to maximize your organic traffic.

Network linking with Pinterest?

Castorama product sheet

On your Pinterest product sheets, you have the option to add a Pin that provides a direct link to the product sheet on your ecommerce site.

Pinterest even offers the possibility to implement attractive calls-to-action, with which you can, for example, add the product directly to your website’s shopping cart.

When it comes to netlinking, Google values ​​links that reflect a genuine editorial recommendation from one page to another. However, the links you create directly on Pinterest are (unfortunately) nofollow links, which are generally less valued by Google. However, since March 1, 2022, Google, through Danny Sullivan and Gary Illyes, has announced that these links will be used as an index of a page’s popularity.

In addition, when the associated content is re-pinned en masse by users, it is considered by Google to be high-quality content because it reflects an editorial endorsement that aligns with users’ interests.

These re-pins are not only seen by Google, but also count as a vote of confidence.

Choosing URLs when creating your Pins is very strategic and should be studied before you start.

Especially since the true potential of your pin only becomes apparent over the long term. In fact, Pinterest accumulates authority over time by accumulating history.

Therefore, it is important to choose long-lived URLs in order to benefit from it, or at least to ensure an optimized life cycle of your website’s pages.

Aside from distributing your products on a platform other than the Google ecosystem to attract users to your ecommerce site, Pinterest also has an interest in SEO to improve your authority in relation to the search engine. Now all you have to do is develop this strategy so that you can reap your own benefits.

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