Why use LinkedIn for your business?

If you like entrepreneurs, you can use Instagram or Twitter social media post import to communicate and promote your business, they are also very helpful to recognize professional platforms. It is an indispensable tool for women and men who are metiers and different sectors of activity to run the business and develop the business. LinkedIn is a great professional social network in the world and also a plus ancien. Founded in 2003 by five fundraisers, Dont Reid Hoffman was able to write in 2016 about the Microsoft multinational, which has one checking account plus 600 million users in the world, but I have one in billions of Facebook and YouTube users. It is important to use these platforms to help you and your business.

LinkedIn is a professional social magazine created in 2003 with the help of professionals and entrepreneurs to extend their professional careers, find new opportunities or develop a brand image.

In 2019, LinkedIn rests and comforts itself in the position of a professional leader in the world for donors to the role of your activist.


LinkedIn of the world

  • 660 million registered members in 2019
  • 303 million monthly active users in 2019
  • la 13Yes Ranked in the top 20 best platforms of 2019
  • More than 2 new registrations per second!
  • 24 languages ​​available and a presence in more than 200 countries and territories

LinkedIn in France

  • 20 million registered members in France in 2020 (only 64% of the active population!)
  • 10 million active users in France in 2019
  • 13.5 million unique visits per month and 2.2 million per JOUR in 2019

The user

LinkedIn compiles a variety of different profiles. In the collection of users in the world LinkedIn is:

  • 55% of people
  • 44% of women
  • A year of 44 years
  • 46 million students and recent graduates
  • More than 30 million inscriptions
  • With 17 minutes Moeenne the month has passed on the river
  • More than 70% of members are stuck in the United States

On LinkedIn there are billions of users of other social networks, or more of them, including additional activities and offers of business benefits that cannot be neglected. Increasing visibility, exposure or re-authorization, authorization of corporate spend and use of this platform by your business.

Attract clients and talent through a profile or Page

Create your own professional profile or company page on LinkedIn, you can choose the visibility and improvement of your natural referral on search engines such as Google, you have leads (contacts registered to identify potential customers identified by others) and You can recruit potential talent in your company. It is an original Alors avec Son Profil Staff de Préciser sa Mission, ses passions professionalanelles ou ses aspirations, le but étant d’attirer l’attention des autres membres et de leur donner envie de s’intereser à votre firme. He will create a biography of the court that is more concise than being explicit about who you are and what you do. The profile is a good example of a car, one of the most popular studies, you have a good time, as well as the opportunity to consider new opportunities, and you will give the number of information and publish the content. In fact, the platforms include publishers and share posts and articles. Une façon de vous positionner en tant qu’expert auprès de la communauté. The company page is an important element for staying in touch with employees, investors and customers. She can help you with any links on LinkedIn to a new entity and increase awareness of your company. You can also integrate the vacancies and a poster with relevant information about your products and services. Select one of the IDC studies (International Data Corporation, global advisory group and studies on the information technology markets, etc.) to work after a company with Lack ils subscriptions.

Admire your experience and expertise with the groups

LinkedIn’s essential interests for entrepreneurs and society is the majority in the multitude of contacts who know more about conferences, customers and more employees. The ability to create groups of people who will become members of the community to discuss and change the trends and developments of the market for new business offering their expertise on a specific topic. If you are in a place where you are close to a group of activities or your business that suggests debate or comment among members, you can find the interest and keep it all to yourself. You can save more and use your service or product. These groups like “A Startup Specialists Group”, “Band of Entrepreneurs” and “Digital Marketing” are an element of important elements to improve and develop your business. The world-class composition of 284,541 members has a home for start-ups with investment advice and mentors to set up crowdfunding, prepare business accounts and pursue a professional career. The second, with 26,677 members, offers a range of complex topics such as law, human resources and new technologies. Number of three focusing on the different aspects of marketing, marketing notes from social media advertising or smartphone applications based on updated reports on new trends.

LinkedIn can attract professionals and companies to help them with additional products and to optimize their recruiting, marketing and other sales efforts. The social network is known to be used in France, it is also a link, LinkedIn content, available in the United States and Germany. Il a pour objectif d’aider les professals français à prendre de bonnes decision de career et à ameliorer leur evolution salariale. En effet, le salary est l’un of the aspect that is interested le plus des candidates lorsqu’ils should s’investir dans un poste, mais il est souvent complexe à estimer. This new functionality provides information and information concerning the situation of an employee’s employment and the factors that affect this compensation as a lie or in the level of experience. The platform is almost the most important on Glint, a start-up hub in a logical place for more than $400 million in human resources. Celle-ci proposes directors of companies and auxiliary cadres of Mesurer l’Engagement i les Competencies de Leurs Collaborateurs via questionnaires, debouchant sur des recommendations à mettre en place. By enjoying this company, LinkedIn can help companies with their recruitment and ability to retain their talented members.

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