Why work on natural referencing?

Natural referencing is at the heart of business leaders’ efforts today. In fact, working on SEO is essential to ensure the success of a website and therefore increase sales. Even before the health crisis, new technologies and the Internet were changing consumer behavior. The latter are now starting research on the Internet to make their purchases, to find out and to find which product to buy. Optimal visibility in search engines is therefore essential to increase traffic and sales. Hence the importance of natural referencing.

Natural referencing: what is it?

Natural referencing or SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a set of methods and techniques used to give a website better positioning in the SERPs. So, the purpose of natural referencing is to get the website to appear on the first page of search engines, especially Google.

The natural referencing consists of to improve the website in every respect (technical, content, popularity, etc.) to meet Google’s requirements. In fact, there are about a hundred criteria that the search giant has established to classify websites: the websites with the best rating are placed at the top of the results to ensure user satisfaction.

The intervention of an expert in natural referencing is therefore essential because this will be the case increase your traffic and thus your sales. In fact, users naturally click on the first results that appear during their search. With good positioning, you will overtake your competitors, collect the maximum number of visitors, all of whom are potential buyers. A well-positioned page is also perceived as more reliable, reputable and influential, which will be the case return a good picture Of your company.

Why is natural referencing important?

More than 75% of internet users use a search engine to find a product or service to buy. By employing an SEO strategy, you will Generate more qualified traffic. The latter is a real source of long-term income. You will be one step ahead of your competitors and reap the benefits of SEO even after the SEO campaign.

By visiting the first websites that appear, Internet users can make online purchases, find an interesting business (online or physical store near their place of residence) or find out about a specific product or service in order to make a purchase later. With a well-positioned website, these are also the case prospects coming to youyou no longer need to request them.

user experience

An optimized website provides a better user experience. Whether in terms of content or technology, your site will meet the requirements and user expectations, a better conversion rate. Indeed, with technical referencing, your site will be fluid and a fast loading speed. Prospects naturally stay longer on your website, visit your various pages, and then book and then visit your store.

Relevant Content

With high-quality content, a functional website and an optimal user experience, you will quickly be appreciated by your target group. In addition to the technical aspects, original content with high added value is also one of the criteria according to which Google ranks websites. As part of natural referencing, you benefit from a consistent editorial line. It will also target the most relevant keywords so you can be seen by potential customers.

Lasting results

The natural referencing offers sustainable results, because a well-positioned page hardly loses its place. In contrast to SEA (paid referencing), the result of which ceases at the end of the contract, SEO is based on a long-term improvement of the site, which enables a permanent organic traffic.

Natural referencing: which points need to be worked on?

A natural referencing strategy is based on 3 main pillars: content, technical referencing and web linking. First, the SEO conducts an SEO audit and an in-depth market study. He creates a website according to your values, identifies your needs and the appropriate solutions to achieve better positioning on Google.

Technical SEO

This is the part of the SEO strategy that focuses on optimizing the website on a technical level. The tree structure of the site that loading speedURL structure, meta title and meta description tags,mobile displayFluidity and design are among the points that need to be optimized in order to offer users a better experience and meet Google’s criteria.

Content Optimization

Natural referencing also focuses on improving the quality of your content. Images, videos, keywords, etc content quality (Freedom from duplicate content, freedom from errors, editorial content, etc.) can be optimized. The SEO creates new content of good quality, informative and pleasant to read and / or optimizes existing content so that it can bring added value and real information to the readers.

Netlinking to make a website better known

Natural referencing is also done through netlinking, which is an off-site optimization. According to Google, a website that is recommended by an authority site must itself have some authority and interesting content. To get the expected result, The links must be of good quality : Must be from an authority site and sites dealing with a related topic. So it is the quality and not the number of links that counts.

The strategy is also based on optimizing the anchor texts of the links and the competitive benchmark.


Almost all consumers today tend to type keywords into Google to search for a product or service. It’s important to work on the natural referencing of your site. SEO generates qualified traffic by improving user experience and meeting Google’s requirements.

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