“With Door-in, we want to enable our franchisees to become field trustees again”,

Created in 2019, Door-in is a franchise network specializing in the co-ownership trustee profession. Its added value? An alliance between digital and human that allows professionals to open a trust office while minimizing fixed costs and investments. Update on the offer of this new trustee with Christophe Veyrières, co-founder of Door-in.

JDA: How was Door-in born?

Christophe Veyrières : After several years in the banking sector, I decided to join the family business specializing in the administration of real estate. And then, during a meeting with Brieuc Oger Ruby, at the end of 2016, who came from the Proptech field, we decided to set up an internal team, dedicated to the development of software solutions specialized in real estate administration. The idea was to embark on a digital change that had become essential at the time. We were thus able to develop Door-in, a platform dedicated to real estate management and whose functionalities were compared with the reality of the sector thanks to the contribution of about fifty operating operators of our ADB business, as well as co-owners and suppliers of managed properties.

JDA: What is your concept?

TAKE UP AGAIN : We didn’t want to be an IT publisher that put yet another tool at the disposal of managers, knowing that, in our opinion, there is no value. We therefore opted for a fiduciary franchise model. Within Door-in, our ambition is to promote a different way of managing condominiums, based on a significant presence in the buildings. We want to return his letters of nobility to the fiduciary profession, allowing our franchisees to (re) become fiduciary in the field like my father was in the 1980s.

To do this, our affiliates can rely on an open platform with our team of experts in main accounting, co-ownership law, litigation, insurance, but also with co-owners or suppliers. Our franchisees can thus free themselves from any back-office constraint, in particular from the processing of main accounting, to devote themselves to their properties and customers.

JDA: Who is this franchise model for?

TAKE UP AGAIN : To real estate professionals who wish to become independent without having to resort, however, to massive investments, in particular in terms of recruiting profiles, often complicated to track down, or IT tools that sometimes require real cash outlays, as soon as the office is opened.

Our solution can thus respond to co-ownership managers who are tired of having to manage more and more co-owners, with often limited remuneration. It also caters to real estate agents wishing to develop a new parallel business or even to redevelopment executives, with a strong appetite for project management and real estate.

JDA: What are the main benefits of joining Door-in?

TAKE UP AGAIN : The first is undoubtedly our experience in the sector. With nearly 1,500 general meetings per day, we know exactly what a condominium manager needs to manage a building and calmly deal with its general meetings. Door-in is truly teams rooted in reality. They are developers, condominium accountants, lawyers, claims handlers who have been working together for more than 5 years together. Furthermore, Door-in is a franchisor, software publisher and service provider and has no vocation for carrying out mandates. The creation of value, from the point of view of assets, therefore takes place with the affiliate who, as a regulated professional, carries the mandate and holds the S card, the financial guarantee and the insurance for civil and professional liability. The other significant advantage is the simplicity of implementation and implementation: once the regulatory constraints are overcome, the professional can start concluding mandates and manage a co-ownership portfolio, quite simply, from a laptop and a smartphone. Finally, our solution is scalable: the franchisee doesn’t have to worry about recruiting accountants, payroll officers or lawyers, to anticipate development and take on mandates. It is Door-in that absorbs these level effects known in the profession, via a simple pooling effect between franchisees.

JDA: In your offer you mentioned the concept of back office, what exactly is it about?

TAKE UP AGAIN : A successful trustee necessarily relies on a good back office. Without it, nothing works. We often tend to forget that the management of an accounting, legal or insurance office in a company necessarily requires trained and efficient profiles, therefore expensive and difficult to recruit.

Door-in is therefore organized as our real estate management office was: that is to say that we take care, through the available platform, of guaranteeing all the support functions encountered in a traditional office: checking accounts with the trade union council remotely, legal and technical monitoring, processing of principals’ accounts, management of pre-litigation and litigation, etc.

Today the only function we do not perform is the works office, although we are thinking of establishing partnerships with architects or project managers, depending on the cities in which our franchisees are located.

JDA: What is a franchisee’s target business model?

TAKE UP AGAIN : Being skilled in optimization, we have established easy-to-understand pricing: the brand license is set at 6% of turnover to animate the brand and all marketing initiatives. Door-in can therefore provide indications for union advice to the affiliate; it is therefore up to him to convert the test.

The provision of the service and the supply of the platform is flat rate per co-owner, between 6 and 8 euros excluding VAT / month, with application of a decreasing nature, depending on the number of customers under management and depending on the options selected. .

JDA: So with Door-in it is possible to “work less to earn more”?

TAKE UP AGAIN : I would rather say: work better to earn more. We start from the principle that by mastering rigorous processes and automating a maximum of activities, thanks to our tools, a Door-in franchisee can manage from 700 to 900 main lots, based on the geographic tariff positioning, creating a trade that can value later. We therefore estimate that in 3 years a portfolio of 45 condominiums representing 900 main units will generate a turnover of around 200,000 euros. This therefore implies, for a franchisee, to receive a net remuneration, before tax, of approximately 60,000 euros, knowing that it can be broken down into the remuneration of a majority manager and dividends.

To know more:

www.door-in.fr or by phone on 06 88 11 94 59.

You will be able to make an appointment for a demo of the solutions, a first discussion on your motivations for becoming a franchisee and, finally, an invitation to participate in a presentation meeting at the headquarters of the Startup Studio: l’Échelle, in Paris, near Nation.

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