WP Viral Quiz, the ideal tool to create a viral quiz on WordPress

We’ve long been looking for a tool to create quizzes on the moderator’s blog and allow our readers to have some fun with the latest social media news and our background decrypts. After several weeks of research and testing, we set our sights on a paid but inexpensive extension: WP Viral Quiz. For only $ 23 (around 20 euros), it allows you to create True / False quizzes and personality tests. The tool is simple to use and easy to configure, it allows you to recover a lot of data and everything is done to increase the virality of the quizzes created.

Contest game: 5 licenses to win

Although $ 23 doesn’t represent much in the budget of a web project (not to mention the cost of developing such a tool in-house), Stéphane, the developer of the extension, offers you to win 5 full licenses from the WP Viral Quiz (with updates + support). To participate is very simple: just RT the tweet below. You have until October 18th to participate, the next day we will draw the 5 winners of a WP Viral Quiz license.

How does WP Viral Quiz work?

Before creating your first quiz, you need to set up the quiz tool. Once installed on WordPress, you can access the WP Viral Quiz settings via the admin side menu. Several options are available: enable or disable automatic scrolling (and adjust its speed), enable or disable the browser update at each new page, configure the display and content of the progress bar, the delay between 2 pages (to hide or not the display of the result for each question). You can also include ad scripts at the top and bottom of all your quizzes and opt out of this ad placement on a case-by-case basis.

The ideal tool for creating a viral quiz and generating leads

Within the settings, you can easily configure the Facebook share button, displayed at the same time as the quiz result. A very important feature to encourage the player to share his result. You can also see the share buttons for Twitter, Google+ and VKontakte. The text of the sharing buttons can be customized with the final result, the description of the personality (test) and the score obtained (quiz). You can also generate leads by forcing the player to indicate their email address or nickname. We will be back.

Embed a quiz in WordPress

All quizzes and tests created are collected in a list accessible by the administrator.

As seen in the screenshot above, a shortcode is available for each quiz created. Just add this shortcode in the code of an article on WordPress to bring up the quiz. The shortcode is simple, but it can be customized: you can for example add columns = 2 to display the answers of each question in 2 columns instead of 3.

Create a true / false quiz in WordPress

You can then create 2 types of quizzes with WP Viral Quiz: True / False and personality test. The first type of quiz is relatively simple, we used it here: do you really know the 10 web and social news of summer 2015? Simply specify the questions, the answers, then indicate which answers are (are) correct. Each question can contain a cover image. Each answer can contain an image. You can also configure an explanatory text visible to the user when he answers the question (WYSIWYG editor). In short, it’s complete!


Another possibility: to be able to set the results based on the score obtained by the player. A useful function to increase the desire to share your score on social networks.

2015-10-08 10_41_04

On the quiz settings side, there are 2 themes (Modern Flat or BuzzFeed theme). You can also use your own CSS file. You can also force players:

  • share the quiz on social networks to see the results
  • to provide your email address to see the results
  • to give your name or nickname to see the results

We are a little sorry that these options may not be optional (to offer players to subscribe to a newsletter before seeing the results, without it being a blocking option). We have informed the developer of the expansion, which will soon allow admins to make this option optional (you can still coerce the player if you wish). On the front, this is what a True / False test looks like (chosen design: Modern Flat).


At the end of the test, the player is invited to share his result on social networks (we had not created results based on the score).


Create a personality test in WordPress

WP Viral Quiz also allows you to offer personality tests. The principle is as follows: depending on the answers given by the player, points will be awarded to one or more personalities. The player will get the result corresponding to the personality with the most points. To test this functionality, we have created a test to determine “which social network is right for you”. To set up this type of quiz, let’s start by specifying the personalities (results). You can choose a title, but also an image and a description: this is very important, as these are the elements that will be used when the player shares his results on Facebook. You can create many, but we do not recommend it as it complicates step n. 2 (when you create questions and answers associated with points for each personality).

personal test

Step 2 is then to create your questions. As with the True / False quizzes, you can choose a cover image and an image for each answer. But you must also specify, for each question, a number of points attributed to each personality. Example below: when the player answers “Blue” to the question “What is your favorite color”. You can award 1 to 5 points, remain neutral (0 points), but also choose to subtract up to 5 points.

test answers

The parameters are the same as for the True / False quizzes: you choose the theme and you can force players to share their score or indicate their email address (or both) to know their result. On the front, it looks a lot like True / False quizzes. At the end of the test, the player gets his result and can easily share it on social networks.

test result

WordPress quiz statistics

WP Viral Quiz also includes a Statistics section. You can access the list of players (their nicknames and emails, if you force players to enter this information) and their results, regardless of the type of quiz created (True / False or personality test). You can also export these results to an Excel table using CSV export.


Recently, an add-on system has also been implemented to allow you to add functionality to the quiz tool if needed. If you want to get the WordPress WP Viral Quiz extension, do not hesitate to send the tweet at the beginning of the article in RT, 5 licenses are up for grabs. You can also purchase the extension for a modest $ 23 by clicking here.

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