“You have to believe in the product and know your market perfectly; Tempeos does the rest! », Solange Agricole (Tempeos Antilles licensee)

Solange Agricole decided to join the Tempeos network in January 2021 to develop its concept of outsourcing works councils in Martinique, Guadeloupe and Guyana. For All the Franchise, think back to starting its business in the middle of the Covid period and the support it received from Tempeos.


Tempeos, the advantages of a large works council, without the disadvantages!

Corporate committee in outsourcing for VSEs and SMEs.

Can you introduce yourself in a few words? What was your professional background before starting your business?

Trained in human resources, I have two Bac + 5s in human resource engineering and social administration. I was Director of Human Resources and Director of a recruitment company for SMEs and groups in Martinique – Guadeloupe – Guyana – Réunion.

Why did you create your company with the support of your franchisor? Have you consulted your brand’s competitors?

I liked the Tempeos values ​​as well as the quality of human contacts. The team is very caring and easy to approach, even the manager. West Indies Guyana has specific modes of operation, particularly in the social world and in the business world. We had to find a Sufficiently professional and experienced franchise to offer quality service and at the same time small enough for be flexible and adapt to specific customer requestsS.

Were you in the profession before starting? If not, why did you change industry?

I have always worked in the business services sector. Having been in operational HR and recruiting, I know the value of well-being in a company and the benefits it offers to an employee. On the customer side, very clearly, in the Guyanese Antilles it makes sense to work on your employer brand retain and recruit. Tempeos is an activity in the continuity of my career.

The technique in the product is of great importance. Franchising has a great technical added value. They are true professionals who listen and are above all innovative.

How have you been and are you still supported in your business?

First of all, I took a one week training course that covered the entire technical, sales and marketing process. I had a tutor for many months who answered all my questions. The Tempeos team is made up ofexcellent professionals which provide information through computer media and a complete intranet.

Commercially, Stephan Labes [fondateur et CEO de Tempeos, Ndlr] he was very present to accompany me to settle in a region where there was not even a single partner, in the middle of the Covid period and customers who were not traveling at all. This closeness of advice was reassuring.

Did the training actually allow you to start your business in optimal conditions?

Yes, absolutely, but it’s mostly the tools, hands-on webinars, and team advice that make sense.

Has your franchisor concretely respected all the points he is committed to?

Completely and beyond.

How are your relationships with your fellow franchisees? Is the spirit of the network really effective?

We have a WhatsApp group with our tutor who allowed regular videoconferencing meetings during the coaching. We have an intranet group. There was a physical seminar but I was unable to attend because I am 8,000 km from the others. It is a bit complicated. However with the intranet we share experiences.

In terms of turnover, have you achieved your goals?

2021 was a very difficult year in the Guyana Antilles: curfew at 7pm for eight months of the year, no vaccinations, masks required, all grocery stores and sports centers are closed …

I had a decent year because I chose to dedicate myself to partners. I started from scratch in my area and finished at over 100.

I believe more in 2022. However, yes, the low target has been achieved.

What actions are you taking to develop your turnover and your customers?

I bet a lot viral communication : my Linkedin, my Instagram and my Facebook are very active. I also thrive in the field by addressing sectors of activity. 30% of my clients are also partners.

For twelve months I have been offering gifts to partners in the region.

The three departments are geographically separated and a lot of work is done remotely.

With hindsight, is the concept well positioned and well justified in your market?

Yes. The period was not ideal but in 2021 we had to move forward.

Does the analysis you conducted before joining your franchisor corroborate your experience in the sector?

I thought I was going faster. I paddled for many months before getting big clients. It is not related to the franchise but to my market. Decision making is very slow and painful. I thought about going on with more occurrences.

Would you have been able to run your own business if you had had to create it yourself?

Clearly not because the technique in the product is of great importance. Franchising has a high technical added value. They are true professionals who listen and are above all innovative.

If you were to do it again, would you sign with your franchisor again?

Yes, but on another region to be completed. West Indian Guyana is special. It’s a niche and it meets a need, but the reactions aren’t what I expected.

What advice would you give to all candidates interested in your brand?

You have to believe in the product and know your market perfectly. Tempeos does the rest. We are technically accompanied. However, you must have it great entrepreneurial and seduction skills. Unlike other agencies, I don’t have many competitors. I imagine it for them it takes persistence in the face of adversity.

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